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“There’s no reason you can’t celebrate”: Canberra Sign Fairy brings a little bit of magic in lockdown

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Something magical is happening in Canberra, as a fairy sneaks through the night to bring happiness to the lives of those marking important milestones in lockdown.

You’d be forgiven for thinking lockdown birthdays are something to pity—but a sprinkling of small business magic is transforming them into something truly special. With a wave of her wand, the Sign Fairy delivers and erects personalised signs in the middle of the night for a COVID-safe and contactless surprise, bringing the community together to celebrate special occasions.

Beginning in Perth in 2020 and inspired by American yard greetings, Sign Fairy offers its service around Australia.

Canberra’s own Fairy Jackie has been flying around the city since June, and while she is still finding her way around, she loves bringing a little bit of joy to those unable to celebrate their special occasion with family and friends.

“It’s probably one of the only ways that we can really celebrate,” she says.

“These children who are missing out on their birthday parties, they’re not seeing their friends at school regularly—so just the thought that you can do something to make their birthday special, and in a time where there’s very little that can be done, you just feel good about it, you’re just happy you can do it for them.”

Stretching up to six metres in size, Fairy Jackie can make the signs as personalised as the client wishes, from colours to additional accessories, and they’re not just limited to birthdays. According to Jackie, the key to the magic is the anonymous nature of her deliveries.

“We do operate the same way our cousin the Tooth Fairy does,” she says. “We sit up after dark, we’re very quiet and then we sneak off and people wake up to their lovely message on their lawn.”

Sign Fairy Canberra is seeing a boom in orders, and as more people look for an alternative way to celebrate the special moments, Jackie is relishing the joy her job brings and the people she meets along the way.

“The world’s got a bit of a bad rap at the moment but there are really nice people out there and I think doing this just reaffirms nice people are doing nice things for their friends,” she says.

“It’s a nice and unique way to make someone feel really special, whether it be their birthday, their anniversary or any occasion.”

While locals continue to face the prospect of a lockdown birthday, Jackie has a magical message for those feeling disheartened: ”there’s no reason you can’t celebrate.”

“Perhaps it’s a really unique opportunity to make birthdays even more special,” she says.

“It’s still your birthday, the day is still all about you, whether you’re in lockdown or not. Just enjoy it and  hopefully next year everything will be different.”

For more information visit signfairy.com.au

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