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Where to visit in Canberra, according to your astrology sign. Yes, your astrology sign

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Are you finding it a challenge to narrow down what to do on your next Canberra adventure?

Leave it up to the stars to make your decision for you and discover the Canberra experience best suited to your star sign.

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

This sign has a reputation for being bold and ambitious. What could be more ambitious than challenging yourself with completing the Canberra Centenary Trail?

Winding through 145 kilometres, this trail takes approximately seven days to complete while walking, showcasing iconic sites and hidden treasures along the way. Look no further for proof that we truly are the ‘bush capital’.

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Serene and pastoral environments are where these bulls feel most at home. Surround yourself with the serene environments and sounds with a visit to the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Explore more than 6,000 native species on a tour through the gardens, before enjoying a leisurely lunch at Pollen or a relaxing treatment from Jindii Eco Spa.

Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

These twinnies adapt to stimulating circumstances – think bright lights and hustle and bustle.

Hit up our weekly list of things to do in Canberra (This Week in the Can) and choose the flashiest thing on offer.

You’ll wish there was two of you to make the most of it all!

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

No need to get crabby—this sign loves to take care of their friends and family, and what better way to show your loved ones you care than with a special brunch date.

Space Kitchen has been wowing visitors with their mystical creations, from unicorn waffles to their ‘space pork benedict’.

Their menu is sure to delight all—grab a fork and dig in.

Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Never one to miss out on a good time, Leos are the party animals of the zodiac.

Join in on the party that happens at Bar Rochford. Named Australia’s Best Bar in 2018, and awarded a Good Food Guide hat, this bar is oozing with comfort and charm.

From their roaring fireplace in winter, to their take away cocktails in a bottle designed for at-home swigging, you’re guaranteed fine times at this unique establishment.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Direction and detail make Virgos happy, so a guided tour that takes in the best of our nation’s heart is a sure fire way to put a smile on your dial.

Click here for a comprehensive list of Canberra tours.

Libra (23 September – 22 October)

This air sign will feel right at home with a dawn flight in a hot air balloon. If the tranquillity and romance of a Balloon Aloft flight doesn’t seal the deal, the champagne toast back at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra will!

Embrace the symmetry that abounds in the Griffin’s designed city and take solace in the early morning calm.

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November)

While Scorpios love to travel and connect with nature, they’re most pleased when they don’t have to sacrifice comfort. Enjoy the authentic experience that camping provides, while embracing the luxury that glamping brings with a stay at Naked Cubby Co (pictured).

We think they put it best when they say “Disconnect from reality and reconnect with the important things…like wine. Reconnect with a friend while listening to smooth tunes or lie outside and stargaze from the top of the vineyard.”

Sagittarius (22 November – 21 December)

Famed for their quest for knowledge and trailblazing spirits, it’s important that Sagittarius spend some time slowing down during their short-breaks.

Why not try stand up paddleboarding on Lake Burley Griffin or even a leisurely e-scooter around the lake?

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

Family and fun is the name of the game for Capricorns. What could better than relaxing in a wild escape just minutes from the centre of Canberra at Jamala Wildlife Lodge, National Zoo & Aquarium.

Snuggle up for the night with a lion prowling on the other side of the glass, bathe beside a bear or wake up with giraffes peering in – the choice is yours!

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

Independence and willingness to explore off the beaten track – yes, they’re traits typically associated with Aquarius, but we think they’re equally applicable to some Canberra activities.

You’re bound to be rewarded with a visit to Alpaca Magic. Take their alpacas, llamas and donkeys for a walk, and indulge in a super cute selfie with your new furry friends.

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Your favourite fishy friends flourish when surrounded by nature. Find them GoBoating their way around Lake Burley Griffin, as they carve their own route on these self-drive Scandinavian-designed picnic boats.

Afterwards, soak up more of the waterfront with a meal from Snapper on the Lake.

Feature image: The Naked Cubby Collective via Facebook. Credit: Nathan Harradine Hale, Collections From Him.

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