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Geeky gift ideas for men

Ashleigh Went

It’s no secret that men can be tough to buy for— particularly if they’re a little bit on the nerdy side.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t for a moment suggest this is a bad thing. I’m lucky enough to be gifted with a geek for a brother, a closet nerd as a partner, and tech-obsessed father—and I wouldn’t have it any way.

The Hyperdome is my go-to for gifts to nerd-out about. Here are some of our favourite picks for geeky Christmas gifts:

For the office Kris Kringle

Image via Zing Pop Culture

 The office Kris Kringle (or Secret Santa) can be a tough one—particularly if you don’t know your recipient very well. Beyond the classic bottle of wine or liquor, there are some gifts that are generally considered quite safe: those that have to do with tea or coffee, or that can be used in the office.

Zing Pop Culture have a huge range of stationery from Marvel, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and more. For just $8 you can pick up a Star Wars: The Last Jedi R2-D2 Schematic Spiral A5 Notebook, or you can spend up to $25 on a fancier hardcover themed notebook.

They also have a huge range of mugs and cups in a range of themes, like the Marvel – Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Travel Mug for $18.

For your dad

 He’s the man you can count on to help assemble your furniture, fix your electronics and teach you to be a handy, independent woman—so what better gift to give him than a screwdriver? We’re not talking the Average Joe kind—if your dad’s a Dr Who fan, he’ll love the Sonic Screwdriver, $39.95 from Gametraders. Not only is it a cool piece of merch, but it’s actually a fully functional screwdriver as well—handy!

The Christmas holidays present an opportunity for everyone to put their feet up and relax – dads included. What better way to do that than with a cold beer in front of Game of Thrones? You can grab the Complete Seasons 1-6 for $149 from Target. If your dad’s a fan, then he can re-watch all his favourite episodes and if he’s yet to watch the show, there’s no better gift than an introduction to this addictive series.

For your nephew

Image via Zing Pop Culture

 Whether your nephew is five or 25, Pop! Vinyls are an excellent gift. Part toy, part collectible, they come in a massive range of characters—everyone from Hey Arnold!, to NBA players, Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter and more. No matter what they’re into it, you’re sure to find the perfect POP! Vinyl figure for just $19, available from Game Traders and Zing Pop Culture.

If you’ve got a nephew who’s really into gaming but you feel guilty contributing to their screen time, why not choose a gift that encourages some off-screen play? The Minecraft Card Game ($22.99 from Dymocks) encourages creativity and social play, and will keep your nephew and his friends and family entertained for hours.

For your partner

In my experience, there are few men who don’t delight in the gift of the almighty PlayStation. It’s a big-ticket gift, with a big price tag and even bigger impact. EB Games has two Christmas offers— if your partner doesn’t already have a PS4 Pro, treat them to the Destiny 2 Package that comes with a white PS4 Pro 1TB and Destiny 2 Deluxe for $649. If they’ve already made the investment, upgrade their experience with a PlayStation VR Package including a PS4 camera, VR Worlds and Skyrim VR for $399.

Alternatively, for a gift with a retro touch, you can pick up a Super Nintendo for around $229 from Gametraders. It’s more of a collector’s piece and will bring back childhood memories. You can also get pre-played game console classics like Donkey Kong Country for $99.99. Even if you’re not into gaming yourself, you might be surprised by how much fun you can have playing together.


For your brother

Image via Gametraders

Are you the Thor, Loki, or Angela of your family? Test the worth of your siblings with a Replica Hammer of Thor, $129 from GameTraders. Whether your brother’s into battle sports, cosplay, or just fancies the idea of channelling his inner Thor (who wouldn’t), this hammer makes a great gift.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re brothers into science fiction, fantasy, western films or TV, or thrillers—Westworld encapsulates them all. Buy the whole first season in a limited edition tin for $74.99 from Sanity. When the gift giving’s over, get some popcorn ready and spend a summers day bonding over a TV binge session—no fighting over the remote necessary.

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