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An intimate affair: The 300 Club

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Dark. Silky. Intense. Rare.

The Shiraz Viognier Dargaud & Jaegle from Lerida Estate is enticing for many reasons, but it’s the number 238 etched in the bottom right corner that makes it so irresistible.

One of 300 rare and exclusive bottles of wine, once it’s finished, you’ll never have its deeper scents of cherry, dried Provencale herbs and lavender pass your lips again.

Why? Because this silky red is a part of the 300 Club, an exclusive society for oenophiles looking to push the boundaries and try the nuances of spontaneous, experimental wine making.

Conceptualised by Lerida Estate General Manager Andrew McFadzean, the idea is simple.

Once you join The 300 Club, a seasonal three pack of unique small batch wines is delivered to your door on the next available dispatch day. Included are detailed tasting notes on each wine and invitations to exclusive events, specials and discounts.

As a wine collector himself, Andrew understands the appeal of exclusivity, scarcity and uniqueness of product.

“I’m a collector of wine and I have been for a long time,” he says. “If there’s only 300 cases made, I want to know about it – let alone just 300 bottles.”

“We’re always trying new things and we’re making experimental wine every year, whether it’s new barrels or new winemaking techniques or new fruit varieties. It’s one the perks of the job and we all love it.”

“So, we developed a channel to share these experiences that we have in the winery with our customer.”

Priding itself on excellence in design for both its wine and the winery itself, Lerida Estate is also distinctive in terms of its essence, as reflected in the intimacy and uniqueness of The 300 Club.

Unlike other wine clubs, Lerida Estate has chosen to limit how much they send to their Club Members – with such rare and exclusive wines a three bottle pack delivered to your door each quarter is all they can spare.

“It would have been easier for us to send the box of 12 once a year,” says Andrew.

“But we wanted to engage and interact with our customers on a more frequent level, build that relationship and remind them that we’re here and that we’re making wine for them.”

Unable to gather in person at the ethereal Lake George landscape that houses Lerida’s vineyards, cafe and shop, Andrew hopes that oenophiles can enjoy the simple pleasure born of a manifestation of a long-held passion to make outstanding wine.

“We make these wines to be consumed and to provoke conversations about wine,” says Andrew. “We want people to try the wines and not just squirrel them away – but with only 300 bottles made they do end up being quite precious”.

“Our ‘members only’ new release tastings at the winery give our people the opportunity to try the wines and decide for themselves how to enjoy their wines.”

Lerida Estate is dedicated to making distinctive, world class, award winning wines and while the taste of a 300 Club bottle will never pass your lips again, there’s something about being a part of Canberra’s own intimate affair.


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