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Five Canberra distilleries to help you celebrate World Gin Day

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Yes, that’s right, folks, you did read that right—today is World Gin Day! Power to those who celebrate with a gin of choice, a splash of tonic and a joyful juniper shimmy.

World Gin Day is the love child of Neil Houston, who, on one monumental night in a grungy Soho Bar, decided that this powerful liquid ally needed its own day to be appreciated by all.  And here we are.

So how best to celebrate? With a locally made gin, of course! Perhaps spare a thought to Neil today as you make your way to one of these Canberra region distilleries.

The Canberra Distillery

A mere 10-minute frolic from the city, the Canberra Distillery feels local, smells local, but most importantly, tastes local. We love their Sloe Gin (pictured above). Oh, and did we mention that they make the HerCanberra French Earl Grey Gin—a revolutionary combo that allows us to have our tea and, er, drink alcohol too. Tempted? You should be.

70 Dacre Street, Mitchell |

Big River Distilling Co.

If you are kicking off your World Gin Day near Kingston Foreshore or Fyshwick, then you have to pay yourself a visit to Big River Distilling Co. (I don’t make the rules), where Big flavours pay homage to the Canberra region. They are passionate about evoking your senses, facilitating a moment of pause, a feeling of transcendence. The power of gin, right? Some things just can’t be rationalised.

3/1 Dairy Road, Fyshwick |

Underground Spirits Canberra

If there is anyone that I’m going to trust to craft my gin, it’s robotic surgeon Toby Angstmann. As Canberra’s most awarded spirit brand, we won’t blame you if you settle in to try the range. (It’s World Gin day, so really, there are no limits).

2/66 Primmer Court, Kambah |

The Antipodes Gin Co

As Australia’s first certified organic and carbon neutral gin, the Antipodes Gin Co proves that you can save the environment and be a tad tipsy while at it. Taking its inspiration from the Sunraysia region and its sun-drenched citrus orchards, each sip is infused with a delicious warmth, exactly what you need on a cold Canberra day.

Dacre Street, Mitchell |

Hold Fast Distillery

Hold Fast Distillery is a scenic drive away in Captain’s Flat—an excellent excuse to con that non-drinking friend of yours into a road trip. Their award-winning gin is said to leave you with a subtle aftertaste of fresh mountain air as it climbs through the Tallaganda National Park (oh, and apparently their Man o’ War Gin tastes like the sea and will make you feel like you are 10 feet tall and can live forever). I’ll let you be the judge of whether that’s a good thing or not.

Riverbourne Distillery 986, Wild Cattle Flat Road, Captains Flat |

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