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The four most obvious Canberra bars to celebrate World Whisky Day in

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Okay, so World Whisky Day isn’t *technically* until 16 May…but who wants to celebrate that on a Sunday?

Instead, we propose you head to one of these Canberra whisky havens this weekend before Sunday (because, erm, they’ll be closed then) and raise a glass to this smokey libation.

Need some whisky trivia? Did you know that whisky is spelt differently—whisky vs whiskey—depending on the country it was made in?

The rule of thumb is that if the country has an E in it (Ireland, America) their whiskey is also spelt with an E, unlike whisky made in Scotland and Australia. The origins of this? A translation from Scottish to Irish Gaelic.

Hippo Co


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Hippo Co‘s whisky obsession is writ large in their inner-city hideaway above Garema Place. No really, an entire wall is dedicated to their whisky menu, arranged by country of origin.

But if that makes your head spin, why not just ask the friendly bartenders for something to suit your tastes? Alternatively, book yourself in for one of their whisky tastings on a Thursday or Saturday to really brush up.


Molly. Image via Facebook.

Naturally, the beloved Molly makes the list, with an impressive list of whiskys (and whiskeys!) and their own set of private whisky tastings. Because whisky tastes better with live jazz and a speakeasy vibe.

Don’t want to dive headfirst? Ask for a whisky sour—Molly makes them like no other.

High Jinks

High Jinks. Image supplied.

Another hidden treasure—and one of Canberra’s smallest, most exclusive bars—High Jinks (tucked away under the newly-opened ILY in NewActon) boasts cosy vibes and an impressive selection of spirits.

Ask the bartenders for their favourite and take photos of the epic smoked marble bar while you wait (just me?).



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A fresh-faced favourite, find Blackbird‘s nondescript door in the Sydney building and descend down the wood-panelled stairs to find a dimly-lit hideaway.

With photos of jazz legends adorning the walls, a 70s vibe and plenty of cosy corners to tuck yourself into, who would want to be anywhere else on a cold Canberra weekend?

And one that’s a little left of field…


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Did you know that the recently refurnished Lilobar at Lilotang in Barton stocks almost 80 whisky labels?

Okay, there is no wood panelling and Lilotang is also a restaurant (serving elevated Japanese cuisine), but just in case you’re southside and looking for something a bit different, this is where we’d go.

Feature image: High Jinks. Image supplied.

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