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$50,000 worth of grants awarded to innovative local startups

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Canberra startups creating entrepreneurs and social change.

A new generation of creative entrepreneurs have won a share in the $50,000 grants at the annual InnovationACT awards night for the continuation of their ventures.

“We’re incredibly lucky to have such a thriving innovation ecosystem in Canberra, and the young entrepreneurs that come through programs like InnovationACT are such an important piece of the puzzle,” explains InnovationACT program manager, Vicki Stanley.

Five teams were chosen out of 70 after a ten-week learning journey for teams to develop their innovative business ideas, involving workshops, mentorship and a public pitching event.

OMNIA Protocol

University of Canberra PhD student, Hayley Teasdale and her team are developing a solution to assist people with severe balance impairments. Equilibri is a medical hardware device that improves the balance of elderly people and those with neurological disease or injury.

“My co-founder and I are both creative people and we wanted to create a product we knew was needed, but we hope that this is just the beginning for us. We want to continue creating more accessible technologies that are solving real problems that people are experiencing and that can help makes people’s lives better,” said Hayley.

Equilibri. Hayley Teasdale (left).

Nicholas Chua, Bachelor of Commerce student at The Australian National University and co-founder of grant recipient team, Civilise.ai is developing an artificial intelligence-supported platform that he hopes can be utilised by land developers and local councils to maintain cities.

“Our broader vision is to one day be able to help build entire ecosystems, from designing a suburb through to improving and maintaining the suburb, all enabled through smart-city technologies and AI,” he explains.

Civilise AI

The InnovationACT program is an initiative of The Australian National University and works closely with the broader innovation community in Canberra, including Major Partners University of Canberra, IP Australia, ACT Government and the Canberra Innovation Network, to link students up with entrepreneurs, startups and other support programs and networks that can help them further their entrepreneurial pursuits.

The InnovationACT 2018 grant recipients were

  • Civilise AI: Developing an innovative platform using artificial intelligence technologies to support land developers, land agencies & local councils in urban planning decisions and suburb maintenance process.
  • Equilibri: Aiming to improve balance in people with severe balance impairments to reduce falls and increase quality of life, by offering a solution that can be used in the home, accessible to those in regional and remote areas.
  • Infro: Developing an automated cash register machine to enhance modern Points of Sale for small businesses, combining the efficiency from automation and the human interactions from cashiers.
  • OMNIA Protocol: Developing a privacy-preserving platform enabling individuals to provide firms, government or any other party access to their data without revealing any of the sensitive data to the monetising party, in exchange for compensation.
  • Support a Star: Supporting local businesses who sponsor or wish to sponsor athletes, by matching athletes with business that share values, taking care of the administrative burden and keeping the relationship active.

To learn more about InnovationACT or the startups visit innovationact.org.

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