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Were it not for a pandemic, I may never have…

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Have you reached #pandemic saturation point yet?

The only respite I seem to get from every part of my life being conducted through a COVID filter is when I sleep. I am grateful I haven’t had a pandemic-themed dream.

Today when I looked in the mirror, I was confronted by something that would have gone unseen if not for this pandemic.

It got me thinking about other things I may never have seen, known, considered, realised, or changed if I hadn’t been living at this time. And so dear reader I will share with you my enlightening moments, with gratitude.

My true colours–they’re shining through!

I had the unfortunate timing to be ready to have my roots done when we went into lockdown.

With no buffer of two, even one month, I’m now copping a good eyeful of my real hair colour. The dull, dark tone is heavily salted with tinsel.

Not sure I’m a fan, but hey—I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for lockdown.

Experiencing JOMO

Heads up, this is not a continuation of the hair theme in case you think it’s something germinating on my upper lip. JOMO is the opposite of FOMO, being the joy of missing out.

I think this came easy as when everyone is missing out, it takes the pressure off trying to keep up. I hope I can continue this zen-like resolve when the world starts doing fabulous things again and I feel compelled to compete.

Curate my life feeds

There is a little, incy-wincy part of me that feels like I’m in The Hunger Games. If you dial your mind into dystopia, you soon become attuned to whom you trust and whose values you align with, be it family, friends, or the online world.

So, I’ve had a cleanout. Some have gone, some are muted, and new ones have been invited in. I want things that bring me joy, facts, and challenge me in a way I can seek to grow and help.

My obsession with the popular although never profound, was only ever palatable when I had other things that distracted me from the banality.

Hi-Diddily-Ho Neighborino!

When your world contracts to the square-meterage of your home and socialisation is confined to your own neighbourhood, a whole new world opens.

I’ve started a toilet paper and bacon co-operative, and our entire street is connected through a group chat. We were always pretty neighbourly, but this is next level.

Computer says yes!

I am loving how utterly flexible we can actually be. From airlines offering full refunds, to people working from home, when our hand is forced, we can adapt.

Our brave new world has meetings that don’t require people flying long distances and being away from their families. Medicare can refund people who need to consult with their doctor through telehealth.

As necessity is the mother of invention, COVID is the bender of bureaucracies.

My new men

I have fallen head over heal for three men—Coronacast’s Dr Norman Swan, ABC News’ Dan Bourchier and ABC News Breakfast’s Kubrick Dawg.

Norm for his calm and factual wisdom, Dan for his empathy for every sad story he reads, and Kubrick for making his offsider Zak (News Breakfast’s resident film critic) wipe his big pendulums of drool on national television. My heart is full.

Travel plans

Like many, my husband and I had a lot of travel plans over the last two years, most cancelled. When we get to re-boot, the trips that have risen to the surface as priorities are the ones that involve family.

I’m not saying they wouldn’t have been important in the past but thanks to the stinky armpit of a virus, family is our laser-focus.

I could keep going, of course, but enough about me. Take a moment yourself, dear reader, to think about what will be better for you as we come out the other side of this unprecedented time (sorry, that word is annoying).

As for you, COVID-19, and all you have taught me, in the immortal words of Shrek—”That’ll do, Donkey”.

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