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Review: Judith Lucy—Overwhelmed & Dying

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“Underneath the drawl of viscid satire lies a touching and validating account of what many experience in their middle years.”

When doing activities that require my eyes to be at attention, I generally fill the void with music. I have, however, found that the right podcast can get me through a road trip or ironing basket with time-warping efficiency that makes hours seem like minutes, and Judith Lucy–Overwhelmed & Dying had me recording personal bests!

Judith has hit that discombobulating time in a woman’s life that I’ve touched on before in an article about perimenopause, but with such a force it would make a hot flush retreat for the hills.

She is the last of her immediate family, recently single under the shittiest of circumstances (that’s the Overwhelming) and feeling a mortality that has her searching for meaning and purpose in the second half of her life (and there we have the Dying).

Judith Lucy is well known to many as a comedian, actress, presenter, and best-selling author. Currently featured on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Judith’s wicked wit and potty mouth ooze irony, all played through a voice effects unit set high to sarcasm.

In this podcast, however, Judith takes the listener on a journey through her search for meaning after the screeching of brakes can be heard from the get-go of Episode One—her partner had been stealing her money.

This betrayal and subsequent break-up spur her on to question her career, her body and her planet and explore many things such as intimacy through dancing, vulva-sculpting, death preparation and swimming with whale sharks accompanied by author Tim Winton, who impresses upon her the altruistic ideal of becoming the best ancestor you can be.

Be careful where you listen to this as you will snort-laugh. Yet through the comedic timing, death-march music, voice-over and hilarious banter, you will also find a place for reflection and maybe a wee tear as Judith delves into that raw place of vulnerability driven by circumstance and hormones.

Underneath the drawl of viscid satire lies a touching and validating account of what many experience in their middle years. Judith, you are funny, wise, honest and brave—thanks for over-sharing.

Full disclosure for when you do listen; I didn’t need to Google ‘Fruity Lexia’.

Listen to Judith Lucy: Overwhelmed and Dying here.

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