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Sustainable Life: The Zero Waste Festival 2020

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Drowning in rubbish? Want to reduce your impact on the environment? Hate all of the plastic that is consuming our lives?

Living joyfully, more organised and with less stuff has made Marie Kondo an international superstar. Our lives have swung so far towards excess stuff and the rubbish it creates can make zero waste seem hard to reach.

Every journey starts with just one step. Then another step. Before long, you’ll be living with more joy, less stuff and creating less waste.

Looking for inspiration for how you can take your next step towards zero waste? Join Canberra’s very own Zero Waste Festival on 11 and 12 November. The completely free online festival has something for everyone.

Jackie French will headline the festival. On 11 November at 7 pm, she’ll share her incredible story. It begins without a rubbish collection service, journeying with microbes, wombats, lyrebirds and ends with ‘new’ appliances that are 38 years old.

To get you feeling inspired and joyful about zero waste here are ten simple ideas:

Gift experiences, not stuff

Time is our most valuable life asset. Gifts that give joy and meaning to this time are priceless.

Experiences might include movie tickets, hot air balloon rides or an evening painting and drinking wine with friends in Braddon.

Join a buy nothing Facebook group

Connect with people who live nearby and want to share their excess stuff with you, from garden produce to kitchen equipment and outlandish fancy dress. These hyper-local groups have sprung up across Canberra.

They’re also a great way for you to save money, just post to the group asking for that next thing that you need…anyone got a baby monitor that they don’t need anymore?

Discover other sustainable, money-saving secrets with the Joyful Frugalista’s masterclass.

Try a 30-40 piece capsule wardrobe

Shed all your clothes and keep just 30-40 versatile items that you LOVE. You’ll never be wondering what you have to wear—it’s right there in front of you. Yes, those 30-40 items include underwear, socks and shoes.

Upcycle furniture

A coat of paint, can transform and add years to tired, outdoor furniture. Got an IKEA chair that needs new upholstery? Etsy has a series of beautiful options, just search for the chair model and you’ll be delighted with gorgeous colours and patterns.

Get confident upcycling simple products from the Green Shed with the Hip to be Square Masterclass.

Go nude…with your lunch box

Pack a salad in a lunch box (or jar) rather than in plastic. Don’t forget a small container of dressing to give your salad a fancy vibe. Take a sandwich in a sandwich-sized re-usable container.

Pack the kids lunch boxes with yoghurt in re-usable containers or pre-baked muffins that you’ve batch frozen.

Turn your veggie scraps into new plants

Replant the bottom of shallots and celery bulbs. Scatter seeds from your pumpkins.

Learn more about cutting your food waste in half, including through replanting, composting, a worm farm or keeping chickens in the Zero Waste Festival’s food waste masterclass.

Get soft plastics out of your rubbish bin

If a (nearly) empty garbage bin brings you joy, then this is definitely the tip for you. Soft plastics make a good portion of bulk volume in many household rubbish bins, they just don’t weigh much.

If you’ve taken soft plastics and kitchen scraps out of your bin, most people have nearly nothing left. Collect your soft plastics and take them into your local Coles or Woolworths supermarket.

Not sure what can be recycled? Become a recycling pro by attending the Recycle Right masterclass.

Live with less plastic

Target the plastic in your life and try alternatives, like beeswax wraps or toothpaste tablets.

Be inspired by the extraordinary journeys of ordinary Canberrans on the Zero Waste Festival’s plastic-free living panel, at 5 pm on 11 November.

Upgrade your Secret Santa tradition

Set the rules to be gifts that have been made by you, owned by you or purchased second hand from a thrift store. A maximum gift value of $25.

Dial-up the fun by adding the option to steal gifts, with each gift able to change hands a maximum of once per round.

Try plastic-free menstruation

Discover recently launched products that give women options for a clean, comfortable and plastic-free monthly experience in the Zero Waste Festival’s no more bloody plastic masterclass.

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