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Three addictive new podcasts for that road trip you have coming up

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With interstate travel reopening, road trips are back on the menu—and that means podcasts.

Need a new listening obsession to get you through a long drive? We’ve got you.

Casefile: Silk Road

You’ve probably heard about Silk Road—the black market website that operated between 2011 and 2013 where people could exchange Bitcoin for drugs and guns. It sparked a worldwide debate about personal freedoms and drug use—but the story behind its creation (and its demise) is more epic than you would ever expect.

Australian podcast Casefile—one of the world’s most successful true crime podcasts—has crafted an epic three-part podcast about Silk Road’s creation and the man behind it, then-27-year-old Ross Ulbricht.

Listen as American law enforcement agencies play a game of cat and mouse with Ross in the dark web—it’s true crime without the gore.

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Welcome to your Fantasy

Many of us know about The Chippendales—the shirtless male strippers whose racy shows were a mainstay of girls nights out in the 80s and whose impact on popular culture paved the way for shows like Thunder from Down Under and movies like Magic Mike.

Well, you might know The Chippendales, but I doubt you’ve heard of the story behind their rise to international stardom—a journey filled with sexual liberation, drugs, lawsuits, blackmail, hitmen and even murder.

Hosted by social historian Natalia Petrzela, Welcome to Your Fantasy is a fascinating (and hilarious) look at The Chippendale’s colourful history and their lasting impact on Western culture.

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The Lazurus Heist

Did you know there’s a connection between the hacking of Sony Pictures in 2014 (you remember—the one that exposed Hollywood industry secrets like never before) and the world’s biggest cyber bank heist, where hackers attempted to steal $1 billion dollars from the central bank of Bangladesh in 2016?

BBC World Service podcast The Lazurus Heist uncovers the link behind these hackings—and plenty more—in a nail-biting narrative that combines North Korea, fake viagra, Seth Rogan, undercover FBI agents and a fake divorce party at the Playboy Mansion. You’ll wish your drive was longer. No, really.

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