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When it comes to friendship, does age really matter?

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We often hear the phrase ‘age is just a number’—most commonly when people are talking about life experience or life achievements.

When a 20-something gets a PhD or a 60-something travels the world, age doesn’t stop them—age is just a number.

Until starting the 20/40 podcast, we both admit we never gave much thought to how age could benefit friendships.

In our own friendship circles, we’ve gravitated towards those around our same age, be it because they’re in similar life stages, or they seem to understand the world we’re living in.

That was until two years ago when we started the 20/40 podcast—a woman in her 20s and a woman in her 40s talking all things love, life and careers. A podcast celebrating intergenerational friendships to prove age really is just a number.

We used to work together—Jen as radio producer and announcer and Kirstie as a journalist—and we’d debrief over news stories or office politics. But over time, conversations started to veer towards the personal.

Jen is in a position in life where being ‘Mum’ comes before anything else. Kirstie’s focus is building her career and her future. We’re at completely different stages and, on paper, don’t have a lot in common.

But we’d surprise ourselves at how similar our views were on topics, despite our 20-year age gap and we learnt to look at things from a different angle when our opinions differed.

Before we knew it, we were in front of microphones recording our conversations about the good and bad of social media, our views on sex, and if we felt like we could speak up at work.

This podcast has given us both a forum for one of the most open and honest friendships we have. Our age gap is our point of difference in the podcast market—it’s what sets us and our conversations apart from others.

We schedule time together on a regular basis and find our recording sessions are also a great way for us to genuinely check in with each other through conversation.

We’ve laughed together, cried together and learnt a huge amount about ourselves in the process. In a profound and simple way, this podcast has developed what could have ebbed off into occasional social media contact otherwise.

Imagine if you allocated two hours every fortnight to spend time catching up with a someone 20 years your junior or senior? One week they would lead the conversation, the next you would, without a filter, without boundaries.

Friendships are often overlooked when people think ‘I can’t relate to that’ or ‘I’ve never had that experience’. Instead, they should think ‘this person might be able to teach me something’.

We’re about to launch 20/40 season 3 with brand new content, conversations and insight into a friendship with a 20-year age gap.

We hope to be bigger and better than ever—because with every birthday you become that extra bit more fabulous—no matter how old you are.

Kirstie Fitzpatrick is the 20 something, Jen Seyderhelm the 40 something contributors to this article.

You can find the 20/40 podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify and all good podcast platforms.

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