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CrossFit Roadtest

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I’m an endurance athlete by nature. I’m definitely not fast, but I can go the distance. After my first 10 minute CrossFit session, I’ve become ‘born again’. Maybe I can go fast after all…

Here’s the story:

In the spirit of trying new things, which seems to be the motto of my 28th year of life, I agreed to a complementary CrossFit session with Jamie Osbourne from RoguePT.

For those of you unfamiliar with this exercise philosophy, CrossFit has become well known in Australia thanks to Commando Steve from The Biggest Loser, as this was his technique for training the contestants.

Crossfit is high intensity, interval based exercise that can involve exercises as simple as a push up anywhere up to Olympic style weight lifting.

CrossFit has a kind of cultish following in that you become part of a ‘tribe’ or ‘family’ and once you’re a ‘crossfitter’ you’re one for life. I have a handful of friends that participate regularly in this sport and have seen the dramatic transformations in their bodies. Knowing how passionate I am about fitness and health they would regularly tell me “Kate, you should try CrossFit!”, “Kate, you would love CrossFit.”

Although I’m passionate about the importance of regular physical activity, I am a big believer that certain exercises aren’t for everybody. You have to find what works for you and what you enjoy if you want it to be something that you do regularly.

Me? I don’t zumba, as I was not endowed with great rhythm. I don’t swim because breathing under water is rather difficult and up until a week ago I definitely didn’t do CrossFit ‘cause I’m just not that ‘manly’… Me? I run.

Back to the story…

So there I was, standing inside what looked like the spiffiest CrossFit gym in Canberra. There was not a treadmill or stationary bike in sight. No weights machines or cross-trainers… Nothing.

All I could see was piles of weights which looked like they weighed 1000kg each and gymnast style rings hanging from metal scaffolding. I was so overwhelmed by the size of the weights that’s all I remember.

Jamie began my workout with a warm up and took me downstairs to the rowing machines. At last, a familiar piece of gym equipment. I started to relax. After a brisk 400 metre row we  then moved onto a bunch of mobility and warm up exercises with some elastic bands. My heart rate monitor cracked 140 beats per minute and it was just the warm up; now I was worried again.

Jamie was saying that the serious CrossFitters had t-shirts that said “your workout is my warm-up” – yep, hard core!

After the warm up Jamie went through the three exercises of my workout. I then proceeded to bust out 10 pushups on my knees, 10 full squats (bum to my ankles and all the way up again) and 10 ring pulls on the gymnast rings.

I thought to myself, “Awesome, I’m done. How good am I?” I was wrong. I wasn’t done.

“Great work Kate, let’s get started on your workout.”

“What?” I was perplexed. Didn’t I just do my workout?

The clock was set and I was to complete 10 repetitions of each of my three exercises, over and over again, as many rounds as I could, in 10 minutes.

All I can say is. “Wow!”. In that 10 minute session I managed to complete almost (not quite) five rounds of my three exercises and burn 500 calories! That, dear readers, is PHENOMENAL! I burn 500 calories in a 10km run which takes me 55 minutes…

Enough said, I am sold. The encouragement that I received during the session made me push myself harder than I would ever have on my own and although I was exhausted (and hurt for days later) I want to go back and do it all over again. I want to get better at it. I want to beat my last results and feel the rush that comes from achieving something that you didn’t think you could.

Jamie says that people start to become so interested in improving themselves and beating their last round results that they forget all about weight loss and their body size. It gives them a goal that they can actually achieve and watch themselves improve in, which sometimes the scales don’t do. Months down the track they realise that not only can they lift 95kg (OMG!) but they have lost 6kg, two dress sizes and have gained a whole lot of confidence.

For those of you thinking, “I so need to give this a go” I have some great news. My website is currently running a competition. Because I love Crossfit so much I am giving away two personal training packages from RoguePT valued at $330 each.

Head over to www.katefreemannutrition.com.au for the full details on how you can enter to win this great prize. Don’t delay, entries close 14 July 2011, please see the website for full terms and conditions.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]http://hercanberra.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/kf.jpg[/author_image] [author_info]Kate Freeman is passionate about honest, simple nutrition information and inspiring people to make positive lifestyle changes to achieve their health and fitness goals. Her online business Kate Freeman Nutrition is all about providing simple, practical, easy to follow nutrition and exercise advice that you can apply today. Please visit www.katefreemannutrition.com.au for more information. Kate is married with two young children and lives just across the border from Canberra. [/author_info] [/author]

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Amanda says: 6 July, 2011 at 7:53 pm

I am a huge hypocrite as I just wrote on one of Amanda’s posts that we shouldn’t worry about post baby bodies, but after this next babe and a good 3 months-6 months, i think cross fit is going to be my best friend. I miss being fit.

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