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Mix 106.3’s Kristen Davidson welcomes baby Hugo

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Mix 106.3 radio host Kristen Davidson and husband Iain have welcomed a new little listener—Hugo Fox Davidson.

Hugo was born on Wednesday 19 August at John James Private Hospital, and Kristen and Iain are now ensconced in a bubble of new love with their little one—and so far, he’s been angelic.

“To be honest, between Hugo, Iain and I, Hugo is the one who has it together,” Kristen tells me over the phone from her home in Griffith.

“He’s been very kind to us—and I’m sure that things will change, but so far, touch wood, I am enjoying motherhood more than I ever thought I would.”

However, angelic might not be the word used to describe Hugo’s entrance into the world. As Kristen puts it: “his mother loves a dramatic entrance, but I didn’t realise that he would also.”

After worries earlier in the pregnancy about Hugo being born prematurely, Kristen was actually induced last Tuesday at 39 weeks, then laboured for 24 hours before having an emergency caesarean. But it was all worth it, she says, to meet little Hugo.

“I didn’t want to be somebody who was too passionate about how I wanted my birth to play out—the number one thing that people told me was to be prepared that nothing ever goes to plan,” she says, adding that the hardest part was the recovery, as her body “went through the wringer”.

Despite the curveballs, Kristen is immeasurably grateful for the support of the John James staff and her medical team, as well as Iain, who stepped up into “an amazing primary carer role” for Hugo while Kristen recovered.

“I think everyone has a tricky birth or a tricky pregnancy—I don’t think there’s an easy way to give birth and you do look back and go ‘you’re in the best hands’. The midwives and my obstetrician [Dr Sarah Broderick], God, they’re special people. And Hugo’s here and he’s healthy and I’m healthy.”

Kristen is also grateful for the support of family and friends who have gathered around the couple, with Kristen’s and Iain’s parents doing daily drop-ins.

“When they say it takes a village—more like a village and a half,” laughs Kristen. “It’s sort of bizarre—you can’t predict what’s going to happen…you could have one day that’s absolutely fantastic and then a day when it hits the fan, so to have an extra pair of hands hovering nearby is wonderful.”

Kristen also says the women in her life have been a wonderful source of support.

“There’s this amazing thing when you become a mum that there’s this secret mum’s club—women just get women. All of a sudden there’s just women around you—sisters, friends, mums, midwives—who are stepping up to support you. All of a sudden, I’m in the mum’s club!”

Hugo’s arrival, just before Father’s Day, is also fortuitous as back in 1984 Iain was born on Father’s Day. So there are many celebrations happening in a short period for the family of three.

“This year, Father’s Day is going to be huge! It’ll be our first outing outside the house—what do I pack?” laughs Kristen.

Photography: Belle Photography Canberra

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