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Ginger Gorman’s eight top tips for working from home

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Best-selling author and journalist Ginger Gorman has worked from home for over five years, and she’s here to show you how it’s done. 

Well, folks, it’s a global COVID-19 pandemic. And all over the world, people who have never worked from home are finding themselves doing exactly that.

`I’ve worked from home for five years—and I love it. That’s also why I keep getting messages from friends and colleagues asking me how to work from home.

Here are a bunch of tips for you on how to #WFH (as the social media hashtag now calls it!) successfully.

WFH tip #1:

It’s better if you have a separate room to designate as an office to stop distraction. If you have to work on a kitchen bench or table, make sure it’s ergonomic [and] clutter-free.

WFH tip #2:

If you are getting tired—have a shower. You will perk up and be able to keep working.

WFH tip #3:

Don’t get sucked into doing household chores. Treat it like a workplace. The only exception is if you need to get up and stretch or to give your mind a break. Keep breaks to 15 minutes (and you may hang out washing etc.)

WFH tip #4:

Everyone bangs on about dressing for “work.” I usually DON’T do this unless I have a Zoom meeting or face-to-face interview. And I’m very productive. But if it helps you, go ahead.

WFH tip #5:

Don’t eat yoghurt from the tub or eat whole packets of Tim Tams. It’s better if you actually make a proper lunch and eat it. You’ll feel better and work better.

WFH tip #6:

If I’m tired or sick, I do sometimes work from bed because it’s comforting—and we’re all anxious at the moment! But watch out for feeling sleepy and/or bad ergonomics.

WFH tip #7:

Might seem to contradict the last tip, but anyway. Think about how much time you waste in an office with garbage interruptions and work gossip. Therefore you may take a nap if it’ll help you be more productive.

It’s not a waste of time—it’ll help you get through this stressful period!

WFH tip #8:

Keep in touch with others online or phone. And be kind to yourself if you aren’t that productive! People who usually work at home, like me, don’t have kids or partners there too and it’s NOT A PANDEMIC.

Good luck.

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