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“Help others to help yourself”: Hundreds For Thousands gives back to those in need

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“When you don’t know how to help yourself, try helping someone else.”

This year’s message from local fundraising initiative Hundreds For Thousands as they once again call on ACT residents to sprinkle a little bit of hope and give where they live this Christmas

With a goal of raising $100,000 to help 1000 local families experiencing hardship across the ACT and surrounding regions, Hundreds For Thousands is a Christmas fundraiser helping out the family next door.

In partnership with the Salvation Army, all money raised is used to purchase grocery gift cards and given to registered families across ten Salvation Army locations over the festive season, giving them the freedom to choose the food they like to eat.

As Hundreds For Thousands enters its third fundraising year following a turbulent lockdown in Canberra and the surrounding regions, Founder Natalie Tanchevski says it’s no surprise that the fundraiser will be more important than ever, especially as the silly season quickly approaches.

“When COVID lockdown hit again, I think it was a real shock to everyone,” she explains.

“The unfortunate thing is, that because of that there are now going to be a lot more people reaching out to their local Salvos for assistance this Christmas. People that never in a million years would have expected to be needing to ask for help from the Salvos, will sadly be finding themselves in this position for the first time.”

While Christmas is usually a cheerful time of year, both Natalie and the Salvos are concerned that as lockdown ends so close to the holiday season vulnerable families will be stretched even further.

“This is where this fundraiser is great, because we’re raising money to get the gift vouchers to help people not only in the lead up to Christmas but right across the festive season, into January too,” Natalie says.

Believing that helping others is a great way to help yourself feel good, Natalie is calling on the Canberra community to dig deep this year to help her meet her goal of giving $100 to 1000 families.

“During these difficult times of lockdown and restrictions our mental health is being challenged like never before, and for a lot of people they are finding themself in a position for the first time ever feeling anxious and or depressed,” says Natalie.

“We are all looking for ways to make ourselves feel better. However, unfortunately, most of these ways are more harmful than helpful. They are quick fixes that make us feel good in the moment but actually end up making us feel worse.”

Perfect for those who want to give back but aren’t sure where to start, donating to Hundreds For Thousands can help people have a joyous Christmas when they need it most.

“Helping others is a great way to get out of our own head, and it is most certainly a healthier way,” says Natalie. “When we help others, it makes us feel good, feel joy.”

With ten Salvo centres involved—Gungahlin, Belconnen, Canberra City, Fyshwick, Woden, Tuggeranong, Queanbeyan, Yass, Cooma and Goulburn— this year Natalie has brought in super donors to match every dollar donated with a dollar of their own so the joy can be sprinkled across the region.

“Each of the ten Salvos locations will have a super donor or a couple of super donors supporting them, and they will be matching donations that come in from the public.”

“My hope is that it really encourages community participation and involvement to give where they live and support their local Salvation Army.”

Are you in need of support this Christmas?

If you are a family in need of assistance this Christmas, please reach out to your local Salvation Army centre  and register your details.


  1. Visit hundredsforthousands.salvationarmy.org.au
  2. Select which Salvos branch you would like to donate to
  3. Help one or more families and donate!
  4. Share the campaign to your channels and encourage others to support their local Salvos centre
  5. Like the page on Facebook and share with your channels


  • The Salvation Army Christmas appeal: au/wishes
  • Keep an eye out for the Kmart wishing tree at your local Kmart
  • You can donate books, clothing, linen and toys to a variety of Salvos across Canberra. Click here for more information.

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