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How to write an epic resume that someone will actually read

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You know you have the skills, the experience, and the can-do attitude—but how do you put it all into a resume that, you know…someone will actually read? The Elite Collective can help.

If you’re thinking of moving into a new job this year but your resume game is a little rusty, you’re not alone. The good news is you don’t have to face the daunting task by yourself.

From its humble beginnings at the family dining table in 2016, The Elite Collective has supported countless Australians who have sat in front of the computer desperately thinking ‘Do I really need to answer ALL of the selection criteria questions?’.

Now, The Elite Collective is one of Canberra’s most trusted career development companies, helping job seekers at all levels write epic resumes, selection criteria documents and more.

For Founder and Director, Adriana Modersitzki, the inspiration was simple: she already knew exactly how to write a resume that makes a recruiter want to pick up the phone. Having spent her early career in recruiting, Adriana would screen, interview, and make decisions about applicants every single day.

Adriana says she quickly noticed how people would downplay their skills and accomplishments on paper, but, if she could talk with them, they would often share far more relevant, interesting, and impressive parts of their career, than they had put on their resumes.

“Australia has a very strong tall poppy syndrome; it’s something that I definitely see culturally,” she explains. “In our society, no one wants to be that person who boasts all the time, so as a whole we’re not really great at self-promotion.”

“Often, when I was interviewing applicants, I would draw out some incredible accomplishments and contributions that should have been on their resume. It just took the right person asking the right questions. I wanted to help people get more invitations to interview by showcasing everything they bring to the table – from the very first stage of the application process.”

As a strong believer in equipping people with the right tools to present themselves more professionally, for Adriana, one of The Elite Collective’s top values is connecting with their clients to better understand and therefore better present, what they bring to the table.

“At The Elite Collective, we deliver fantastic onboarding calls. We talk application strategy, and then we dive deep into our clients’ career history,” she says. “We proactively mine the gold nuggets from your career history before we work our writing magic. They’re included right from the get-go, and you’re feeling confident in owning your success. It’s a winning combination.”

“Part of the work is helping our clients understand the importance of and feel confident owning what we draw out. Then, it’s a matter of getting it on paper correctly, so that a recruiter or hiring manager can understand their value proposition!”

As well as offering top-quality resumes, public service selection criteria and corporate writing services, The Elite Collective also provides self-paced courses so you can build your skills if a bespoke done-for-you document is out of your budget.

According to Adriana, the best part is the bang for your buck.

“The Resume in a Day program comes with lifetime access. It’s focused on building your resume writing skills, understanding what goes where on your resume, and most importantly – why it goes there” she says.

“I often find one family member will purchase the course and eventually, the entire family will have used it! Whether that’s mums going back to work, or kids applying for a first job. They can jump in there and know exactly what to do.”

With a strong focus on supporting the advancement of women in the public service, as well as Defence partners trying to maintain a career while regularly picking up their lives and moving across the country, The Elite Collective helps everyone tell their stories, no matter their goals or experience.

Now, put your humbleness aside and get ready to bag your dream job by reaching out to the team at The Elite Collective today.

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Photography by Ben Calvert. Images supplied.

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