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Let’s rally together in the kitchen and bake for the future of sick babies

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For premature babies their first breaths of air exist alongside endless pricks and prods, isolation, tears, scans and countless blood tests.

At just a few hours old, these little shoulders are forced to bear a heavy load.

It’s a sobering reality, but it’s a reality that can be eased through a lifesaving device known as the BilliCocoon.

At the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Canberra Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, they are determined to make sure that all premature babies have access to this powerful device, trailblazing a delicious and uniting campaign, Bake for Babies.

It’s an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, experiment with different recipes, and form a momentary connection with Jamie Oliver—but more importantly offer support to the mothers mourning this sudden loss of normality.

For NICF Coordinator Tina Martinovic, this is a confronting reality close to her heart.

Her son Kristijan, was born three months early at 27 weeks, weighing a little over a kilo, spending a long and tortuous 83 days in hospital.

After finding herself tangled in the center of this medical storm, she is a passionate advocate for devices that can not only save premature babies but allow for that much needed human connection during their hospital stay.

“The BilliCocoon is a beautiful device which will help prevent and reduce the complications related to severe jaundice, which, if untreated can cause brain damage.” she explains.

“This transport phototherapy device will be used in the ACT Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS) ambulance and will allow neonatal jaundice treatment immediately on arrival and as the baby is being transferred to the NICU.”

The Bake for Babies campaign is running until Wednesday 31 August, so you have plenty of time (and no excuses) to unite in the kitchen and help these little humans and courageous mums, find slivers of hope in even the darkest of circumstances.

And in light of the fact Bake for Babies is celebrating its fifth birthday, those who take on the bake challenge could be in the running to win a travel voucher valued at $500. If an opportunity to escape a cold Canberra winter can’t tempt you to get behind this— well, I don’t know what will.

But for those of us who would much rather eat delicious food than attempt to make it, you can use your tastebuds for good, as NICF Founder Peter Cursley explains.

“The BICF will also hold it sell out Virtual Bake for Babies event on 30 and 31 July. So if you can’t bake, there is still an opportunity for you to help give our babies a fighting chance while treating yourself to delicious treats generously donated by popular well-known professional Canberra bakers.”

For this ever evolving, determined team, slowing down on raising money for this inspiring cause just isn’t on the cards. Their new fundraiser understands that burgers are a fast gateway to our pleasure centers which is why they are teaming up Canberra’s much loved Brodburger.

“It’s a big and exciting year for the NICF,” says Tina,

Every mouth-watering bite will go towards transforming the delicate lives of these brave babies and their mothers, who are forced to confront this unfamiliar and quite frankly terrifying territory.


What: Bake for Babies

When: Until 31 August

Web: newborn.org.au

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