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Meet Sianan Scrivner: here to inspire and create

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There’s no denying Canberra creator Sianan Scrivner is earning herself a name in lights.

With over one million followers on TikTok, an ever growing presence on Instagram and the ability to say Ed Sheeran has shared one of her videos to his social media platforms, the dancer, performer and makeup extraordinaire is glowing with talent. 

Born and raised in Canberra with supportive parents that told her and her siblings to always follow their dreams, Sianan says she has always been creative. 

Uncertain if she was going to pursue dance or makeup artistry as she reached the end of Year 12 at Saint Clare’s College, her career took a very fast and magic turn as she soon found herself working as a performer for a world renowned theme park on a cruise line and later, in Tokyo. 

“Growing up, I remember going to DisneyLand,” she says. 

“My family and I took a little trip and we went and saw the performers on the stage show and I stood there crying. I was so young and I said to my mum ‘I want to do that.’ My mum had a moment of ‘She’ll never be able to do that’, because in Australia we just don’t have the opportunity and especially being from Canberra, you just dream about those things but you dont think they’re attainable.”

“I think I’m living proof that no matter where you are, there are opportunities out there.”

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Packing up her bags and leaving home to travel the world to perform, Sianan fell in love with Tokyo, spending four years living the dream she never thought was possible until the COVID-19 pandemic hit and everything changed. 

Finding herself alone, without a job and barely able to leave the house due to restrictions, she began making videos on TikTok as a creative outlet. 

“I’ve always had a love for the performing arts which comes with the love of makeup and transforming yourself into different characters,” she says.

“So I just ordered some face paint from Amazon. I had no idea what I was doing, it was just fun and I was just looking for distractions because of everything that was happening with COVID and not being able to see my family.”

Now known for her creative, colourful and complex makeup looks, Sianan quickly went viral and she hasn’t looked back since.

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Deciding to move home to Canberra to be with her partner and family, content creation has become a ‘surreal’ full time job for Sianan. Spending up to 12 hours a day creating her videos to inspire her audience, she says being able to digitally share her passions with the world is incredibly special to her. 

“I try to entertain people as well, I do characters and different things so that’s my little outlet of still entertaining people without being on a stage,” she says. 

“People always say ‘Thank you for helping inspire me to just feel confident in who I am’ because  that’s the other thing with my beauty content, I love doing the glam and all these beautiful things but also, I’m doing these crazy challenges where I look like Shrek,” she adds with a laugh. 

“I paint my face different colours, I have purple eyebrows and red lips and I just kind of put myself out there. I think it’s super important to be able to laugh at yourself and not care so much, especially with today’s beauty standards.”

While the door to performing overseas will ‘never fully close’, Sianan doesn’t plan to slow down her TikTok career anytime soon. As the quirky app continues to be a force to be reckoned with and her audience continues to grow, she is proud of how far she has come in such a short timeframe.

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As the beauty industry begins to tap into creators like Sianan, she wants to continue to create fun and engaging videos to make people smile while growing her brand. 

“I think I’ve proven to myself that if I just put in the time and effort, people obviously enjoy the content,” she says. 

“I’m just hungry to keep going, I wouldn’t have believed you if you had said this would happen. A year ago I was in Tokyo crying over not being able to see anyone and just lost my job.”

As for those who want to try content creation for themselves, Sianan has some simple advice: stop caring what others think. 

“The best thing I ever did was stop caring about what everyone else thinks and just follow my heart,” she says. 

“I remember wanting to create content for so long and I was always in my head about what people were going to think.”

“My advice would honestly be keep going, trust your heart and trust yourself, put in the time and effort and don’t be discouraged by those who are not supportive.”


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