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The ABC of lockdown in Canberra

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COVID-19. It may be keeping us inside, but it’s not keeping us down.

We present, the ABC of physical distancing in the age of Canberra’s second locky-d (yes, we said it).

A is for Awkwardly avoiding everyone at the supermarket. But now you have an excuse.

B is for Booking in your vaccination. The most exciting reason to leave the house this lockdown!

C is for Coast, and missing it. Fingers crossed we’ll see you for summer, old friend.

D is for Delta. As in, “$%*& you, Delta variant!”.

E is for Everything is going to be okay in the end.

F is for FaceTiming friends and family across the great divide (Lake Burley Griffin).

G is for “Girls’ getaway to Melbourne? I’d love to! How does February 2022 work for you?”

H is for How am I back baking banana bread again…?

I is for “If you wanted snacks, you should have told me before I went to the supermarket. You can have snacks in October.”

J is for Just one more week to go after this…hopefully!

K is for Kid-friendly workout. Exercise physiologist and HerCanberra ACTIVE panel member Kirra Rakin has created some just for you.

L is for Laggy Zoom calls. “No, no, nothing’s funny. The screen is frozen but your face looks totally normal, I promise.”

M is for Movie marathon. First, all the Lord of the Rings, then all the Star Wars, then all the James Bonds. Then we might as well just start Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning…

N is for Nobody warned me about TikTok black holes. It’s 2 am and I’ve been watching for four hours now. Send help.

O is for One month into home-learning and I now am the #1 campaigner for more pay for teachers. Seriously.

P is for Putting your money where your mouth is and supporting local businesses by buying their goods. Read some of our picks here.

Q is for Quarantini. Yes, it exists and it is delicious. And we have a Canberra-made recipe right here.

R is for Relishing your daily walks. And now they can last for two hours! Score!

S is for Six meals a day is normal when working from home…right?

T is for The perfect physically distanced picnic spot. And we know a few!

U is for Umm, I don’t want to alarm you, but is that a mask tanline? Slip, slop, slap, people!

V is for Venturing out into the sunshine at least once a day (with sunscreen, obvs). Spring has sprung and we are LOVING IT.

W is for Wine. Self-explanatory.

X is for Xxx text kisses instead of real kisses because staying home saves lives.

Y is for You know you can shop at places other than Woolies, right? Click here for our list of local grocers and markets (and delivery services!) to avoid picked-clean supermarkets.

Z is for Zero-contact takeaway. Because as long as it’s safe, we need to support our local hospos! Click here for our epic round up.

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