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Which Spotify playlist is perfect for your wedding?

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We know that the music makes the event, and wedding playlists are a fine art.

From the perfect first dance to the crowd favourites that get everyone on the dancefloor, your wedding playlist is as unique as the wedding itself.

We’ve found five playlists to fit five different weddings, ready for you to download, tweak and sync.

Pro tip: If you opt for Spotify as your main music source for the day, change your settings to crossfade songs for five seconds or more – this will make sure you never have any awkward pauses between songs.


This playlist has everything you need if you want floor filling tunes that remind you of your younger years.

From ABBA to Michael Jackson, the tempo is consistently upbeat and will get everyone out of their seats. Bust this one out straight after the first dance and keep it going until the wee hours…


If you’re keen for your music to start romantic and stay romantic, this one’s for you. Featuring the dulcet tones of modern crooners like Ed Sheeran and James Arthur, there are also appearances from classics like Etta James and, of course, Michael Buble.

This playlist will get everyone slow dancing – and help you pick your first dance song of course!


If Death Cab for Cutie’s I Will Follow You Into The Dark is your ultimate love song, this is the playlist for you.

Featuring all the soft core indie folk you’ve always daydreamed to, these love songs might not be classic floor fillers, but they might just represent you perfectly as a couple.


If your wedding has a touch of European elegance (or even better, a French theme) this playlist will transport your guests to the city of lights.

With cutesy love tunes and intense power ballads, this playlist would be perfect for cocktail hour or while guests are sitting down for dinner.

Just like my dad always used to say “French music could be someone reading out their tax return and it would still sound good.”



Jazzy and sensual, this playlist is the ultimate highbrow musical feast. The tracks wind between jazz favourites and classic hits (L.O.V.E, anyone?) and even some classy instrumental tracks for a proper waltz, if that’s your style.

Pro tip: If you get time, listen to as much of the playlist in chronological order as possible (perhaps while DIYing some decorations or packing favours).

This way you’ll hear the ‘flow’ of the playlist and can rearrange any awkward transitions if necessary.

You don’t want your mid-reception slow dance to be interrupted by a thumping disco beat…or maybe you do!

Feature image: By Dan O’Day, of Eunbi and Ali’s wedding, which you can see here. Their first dance song was to Can’t Help Falling in Love by Ingrid Michaelson. 

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