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Bronzer made easy

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Bronzer is a mystery to women everywhere! The most asked question I get at a make-up consultation is “What is Bronzer and how do I use it?” It’s a confusing subject because Bronzer has many different possible uses! Whether we are using it give our faces more colour or are we using it to contour, Bronzer can become an essential part of your routine, and I want to share with you all how to use it and which brands will give you the effect you are after!

Cheeky Contouring

Using your Bronzer to contour your features is so simple that you will be wondering why you haven’t been doing it all along! It will give your cheekbones more definition, your jaw line a sharper edge, and even slim your nose if you want it too.

To get your cheekbones to really stand out, just apply your bronzer under the cheekbone starting at the back of the face and moving it forward. Then to prevent it from looking like a brown stripe on your face make sure you blend it up through your temple and then down along the jaw line. We call this the ‘3’ shape as you are drawing a ‘3’ with the Bronzer. It is the best way to have a perfectly blended contoured face!

Contouring the nose is a very popular way to slim and straighten your most prominent facial feature. You start by using an eyeshadow brush to lightly apply the bronzer from the inner brow down the sides of the nose creating a sharp straight ‘shadow’ that completes the illusion of your newly shaped nose!

Banishing the Canberra tan!

You are probably aware that the running joke here in the ACT is that the Canberra tan is skin so pale it’s translucent, and most of us want to look healthy and sun kissed without going out in the sun or to the solarium. Bronzer is the key! It will literally take you less than a minute to give your skin a glow that is easy to remove.

The secret is to treat your bronzer as if it’s the rays of the sun giving your face a glow! You need to be applying it to all the high points of your face – the forehead, down the nose and the chin all need to be brushed with bronzer.  Don’t forget to apply some on the cheeks to give you a natural glorious glow all over.

You can also use this method if you have a blotchy fake tan or you find that your foundation and your neck are two different colours. By doing the high points of the face and applying bronzer under your jawline and down your neck, you will have a more seamless golden flow.

My top 3 bronzers


Nars Bronzer in Laguna or Casino

This Bronzer is luxurious and you only need a little to create your new bronzed look. It has a slight shimmer, adding to the glow you’re after, and the colour suits every skin tone!


Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder

Benefit’s Bronzer is matte, which means if you’re using it to enhance your features, you will be getting a great dramatic look. It’s also a perfect shade for almost all skin tones – a little goes a long way so remember to just dust a little on for dramatic results.


Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Bronzing Face Gel

This Bronzer is a great alternative to powders, especially if you don’t wear foundation or are after a more subtle effect. You can also apply this with finger tips so no need for a brush!

What’s your favourite bronzer? What do you struggle with in your quest for the sunkissed look?

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