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Canberra Centre launches AW2015!

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Canberra Centre invites HerCanberra readers to enjoy a weekend of fashion, beauty and art outside Witchery on Level 1 as part of their AW15 weekend launch events.

Enjoy having your portrait sketched by Australian fashion illustrator Erin Whitty over a glass of champagne, while you learn the latest tips and tricks from the Centre’s leading beauty retailers.

Erin says she is “so excited” to attend the launch.

“When they approached me I immediately said yes, because I really love the Canberra Centre,” she says.

“I visited for the first time in January and was so stunned at how slick and beautiful the space was, I’d never seen something so polished and beautiful. It’s very cleverly designed.”

Erin will combine watercolour, pastels and other mediums to create unique keepsakes for customers to take with them.

“I will be illustrating the customer’s style, whether it be something they’re wearing or something they’ve put together – it could be a really bold accessory or maybe they’ve bought a really great pair of shoes,” she says.

“I generally love to just make things a little bit glamorous, and focus on colour as it’s an opportunity to bring a little bit of fantasy in.”

the essentials

Beauty Bar 

When: Friday 27 March, 10am-9pm; Saturday 28 March, 9am-5pm; Sunday 29 March, 10am-4pm
Where: Level 1 near Witchery, Canberra Centre
Cost: Free

Fashion Weekend Illustrator in Residence

When: Friday 27 March, 6-9pm
; Saturday 28 March, 11am-4pm
; Sunday 29 March, 11am-3pm
Where: Level 1 near Witchery, Canberra Centre
Cost: Free

Fashion Weekend Champagne Bar

When: Friday 27 March, 6-9pm; 
Saturday 28 March, 12pm-4pm; Sunday 29 March, 12pm-4pm
Where: Level 1 near Witchery, Canberra Centre
Cost: Free

Kerrie Hess Exhibition
When: Saturday 28 March to Friday 1 May
Where: Between Country Road and Jigsaw on Level 1, Canberra Centre, Civic
How much: Free

Web: www.canberracentre.com.au

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