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Local Loves: One of Twelve

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Striking, unique and luxurious are three words that come to mind when browsing One of Twelve’s colourful range of silk scarves and ties.

This is because One of Twelve’s collections feature the vibrant, original artworks of some of Australia’s most talented First Nations artists.

Established in 2018 by Canberra’s Anna Saboisky, One of Twelve’s mission is to showcase the work of emerging and established artists from the Asia Pacific region.

Working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centres, One of Twelve’s dedicated team produce high-quality silk garments depicting traditional stories in contemporary designs.

One of Twelve’s luxuriously oversized silk scarves are adorned with the artists’ Jukurrpa (Dreaming) stories retold in vivid desert hues—stories that have been passed down through generations over thousands of years.

Their new collection of sumptuous silk ties also trace these stories in intricate dot-work, representing the sandhills and sacred sites of the artists’ homelands.

Martumili Artists courtesy of Martumili Artists.

One of Twelve’s most recent collection—One of Twelve X Martumili—was created in collaboration with Martumili Art Centre, an Aboriginal art centre representing the Martu artists of the remote desert Country of the Eastern Pilbara.

“The One of Twelve X Martumili collection comprises our signature silk scarves and ties in a riot of colour, depicting the sacred sites and bush tucker of the artists’ Martu homelands”, explains owner Anna Saboisky.

“We also work with several community-owned bilum weaving cooperatives across Papua New Guinea. The cooperatives are grassroots initiatives, run and managed by the weavers themselves, providing autonomy, agency and financial security to the women. Bilums are traditional bags, woven exclusively by women, and their unique patterns reflect the values, history and culture of their maker.”

One of Twelve’s scarves and ties come in a wide range of standout designs, making them the perfect gift for yourself or others—especially those looking to add a splash of colour to their work wardrobe!

All One of Twelve products come gift wrapped in a beautiful box, with information detailing the artwork and artist—and with the added bonus of free shipping on all orders.


In addition to free shipping, HerCanberra readers receive 10% off sale price using promo code HERCANBERRA via the One of Twelve website.

Offer expires 31 August 2020.


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