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First Look: Renew Skin

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With warm and inviting pink interiors mixed with finishes of marble and gold, you’d expect nothing less than a modern luxury treatment at Gunaghlin’s Renew Skin.

And while this is one of their priorities, Canberra’s newest skin clinic goes beyond aesthetic beauty, branching into a truly holistic fusion of what’s best for the skin, the body, and the soul.

Offering treatments that have never been available in Canberra before—including the red carpet favorite iS Clinical ‘Fire and Ice’ facial made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow—the true appeal of their ethos is its simplicity: care that starts the moment you walk in the door and doesn’t end when you walk out.

Founded by dermal nurse Metta and nutritionist Zac (who are partners in both life and business), Renew Skin was built on the idea that everyone deserves an affordable, luxury experience that lasts beyond the clinic.


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Combining Zac’s knowledge of nutrition with Metta’s 15 years of experience in medical grade cosmetic therapy, the owner and nurse explains she wanted to expand beyond the usual clinical treatments and offer an approach to skincare that has a central focus on customer care and consistency.

“I found that there was a huge gap—people would come in, have a skin treatment, and then they’d go home. And we didn’t know what they were doing at home, what they were eating, and what was happening internally,” she says.

“There’s so much more that’s involved. It’s emotional. It’s hormonal, it’s a lot of things that are happening that are coming out through your skin and your body. And that’s why we wanted to bring in the nutrition side,”

Offering clients aged 12 years and above access to industry knowledge to help them understand what treatments are best for their skin concerns, nutrition consultations are just the beginning at Renew Skin. Providing services that are lacking in the local industry, they’re pathing the way to truly inclusive beauty.

Notably—and excitingly—according to Clinic Manager Amanda Overheu, the clinic offers treatments for all skin types and all skin colours, something that is rarely seen in aesthetic treatments.

“A majority of machines for all treatments are actually geared more for white skin, not for Asian Indian or African-based skin. In the past, we’ve all been very frustrated that we can only go so far with those skin types and those skin colours,” she explains. “Metta and Zac have done a lot of research into which machines offer the best outcomes for all skin types and colours.”

“That’s always been my biggest problem,” says Metta. “I’ve worked at places where I couldn’t have the treatments, so I couldn’t explain to people what the treatments felt like or did. It was very frustrating for me because I knew that there were things out there…I just had to find it.”

“We’ve got a really diverse community in Canberra, and to be able to offer a range of treatments and skincare products to everybody is just lovely,” adds Amanda.

Stocking premium pharmaceutical-grade skincare line iS Clinical (a noted favourite among Hollywood celebrities), it was their commitment to quality and diverse service that saw the American brand approach Metta and Zac to stock the range.

Formulated with 95-98% botanically-derived active ingredients, the products are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding clients, as well as cancer patients—inspiring Metta to start planning a future treatment entirely for cancer patients.

With the highest quality technology available for clients (including the innovative and non-invasive Onda Coolwaves machine), services at Renew Skin range from teeth whitening, skin needling, Hydrafacials, skin tightening and resurfacing, body contouring and more.

And if you’re not sure if a treatment is right for you, don’t worry—Metta and the team won’t do anything just for the sake of doing it.

“We’re really focused on creating a sense of safety, honesty, and care,” says Amanda. ”But the most important part of that is that we can then help educate the client in a way that’s easy to absorb, easy to understand and that they can take on and use in their everyday life—not just for themselves but also for their families and friends too.”

“When you have the right information, you make much better choices for your own health and your own care.”

Tucked away in an incredibly private and discreet Gungahlin location, the bright palette of the spacious clinic is the perfect metaphor for Renew Skin: inviting, unique, and sure to leave you feeling good.

And with a cup of herbal tea always available on arrival and a smile from staff, you know it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in luxury self-care.


What: Renew Skin

When: Monday to Friday 9 am–5 pm and Saturday 9 am–2 pm

Where: 83 Gozzard Street, Gungahlin


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