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How to achieve the perfect lockdown outfit mullet: professional on the top, comfy on the bottom

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Tracksuit pants and oversized jumpers may be the WFH wardrobe of choice for many of us, but what if your work attire needs to be more office than Oodie?

To be honest, if we had it our way, we’d be Zooming in our warm and fuzzy trackies all day every work day (and we pretty much do). Unfortunately, that’s not always going to cut the mustard—like when you have that important client pitch or presentation to the executive.

So, how can you look business-ready (at least on the top half) with minimal effort? Because, let’s face it, we’ve got enough going on juggling technology, remote learning, and the stress of lockdown.

Stylist Hannah Walker says comfort is key, as there’s no point getting dressed in a suit when you’ve got nowhere to go.

“What I recommend is usually reaching for fabrics that are quite natural, and flowy—so that might mean some kind of nice knitwear, cashmere, bamboo, wool.

“Also just a pair of comfy work elasticated pants—that might mean a paper bag style or ones with just a bit of an elasticated back, it’ll give you that comfort when you’re sitting down.”

If your work environment is more casual or creative, that might just mean adding earrings, a jacket or a pop of lip colour to your work-from-home uniform of jeans and a tee.

“Layers are really good because I know my house can get quite cold, not being at the office,” says Hannah.

Laura Kelly agrees, nominating lockdown work wardrobe staples as “sweaters to layer over any outfit, dresses for an easy throw on, comfortable jeans, a good shirt or singlet to tuck into trousers, mid-length necklaces— and fluffy slippers”.

The key, says Laura, is having items that allow you to transform quickly and easily from comfort to corporate.

“My favourite pieces to wear around the house for work are a quarter-zip knit sweater, black leggings and grey striped oversized blouse either tied at the bottom or with the collar up. They’re warm, comfortable and easily dressed up or down for any work calls you may have.”

For meetings with a business-professional dress code, pull your hair into a bun or ponytail, and add statement earrings or a colourful necklace.

While we’re never going to be entirely comfortable with the resurgence of a certain ‘80s hairstyle, this is one mullet we can get behind.

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