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Stylists: Not just for the rich and famous

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How many times have you looked through your wardrobe only to say ‘I have nothing to wear’?

You can have a cupboard full of clothes but if they don’t fit well, you’re not going to feel good. So how do you find those perfect pieces? We’re talking the right jeans or pair of pants, dresses or tops, what colours you should wear and what accessories you need.

It’s these questions that leave many women stumped and sticking with what they’ve always worn. Enter a stylist – they’re not just for the rich and famous.

Lucy Hendriks is a certified stylist and founder of The Fashion Workshop. She runs workshops and style sessions as well as teaching clothing store staff how to dress their customers, for that added level of service.

Lucky for us, Lucy is coming to Canberra to hold fashion workshops at Tuggeranong Hyperdome. Lucy’s fashion journey started after she had children, when her body changed and she didn’t know what to wear anymore.

Lucy Hendriks

Lucy Hendriks

“I put on 24 kilograms because of operations and illness and suddenly had a body I no longer recognised, making looking and feeling good a struggle,” says Lucy. “I had a problem understanding fashion and thought other women must be struggling too so I did something about it.”

This involved researching fashion, reading and learning all she could about how to dress for her body shape, before turning into something more.

“I am passionate about helping women look and feel their very best,” explains Lucy. “My focus is on dressing for your shape, mixing and matching and dressing on a budget.”

One of Lucy's flat lays. Via

One of Lucy’s flat lays. Via

“So many women are desperate for information and about dressing for each season. I want to empower and educate.”

“It’s about emphasising and highlighting bits of the body a woman loves and giving her the tools so she can feel confident again to reclaim her style mojo.”

During one of Lucy’s fashion workshops you’ll get an on-stage tutorial where a model is dressed using 10 to 12 different items that can create 20 to 30 different looks.

“You don’t have to spend a fortune to look a million bucks. It’s luxe for less,” says Lucy.

The second aspect of the workshop is a one on one – a speed styling session – where Lucy will tell you what your body shape is, what to wear and what to avoid.

“It’s about the cut and the fit, not the price tag,” she says.

You’ll also get an insight as to what’s on trends for Spring and Summer. Those in the fashion know, like Lucy, say you start your wardrobe with the basics and build it from there adding seasonal pieces and other staples along the way.

One of Lucy's flat lays. Via

One of Lucy’s flat lays. Via

“The fashion workshops help a woman create her perfect wardrobe,” explains Lucy. “You don’t have to start from scratch every season. My style is classic chic and I love bringing in trend pieces with accessories or a jacket.”

One style session can be all you need to arm yourself with information so you can feel amazing in the clothes you love.

“A woman with confidence can take on the world.”

Lucy’s Top Three Fashion Tips

  1. Dress for your shape rather than the trend.
  2. Create the illusion of a waist. If you wear a shapeless dress it makes you look bigger than you are.
  3. Get the biggest bang for your fashion buck by mixing and matching. You don’t have to start from scratch each season.

the essentials

What: The Fashion Workshops with stylist Lucy Hendriks
Where: Tuggeranong Hyperdome centre court
When: Thursday October 13 at 11am and 1pm, on Friday 14 October at 11am and 6pm, Saturday 15 October at 11am and 1pm and on Sunday 16 October at 11am
Cost: Free for the first 40 to register each week
Find more information and book your place here:

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