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Nail your next home reno with Canberra local Adam Hobill’s latest book

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Although popular reality shows like The Block and Selling Houses Australia have sparked a trend in renovating properties, most homeowners aren’t quite prepared for the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ that are involved, says Canberra building designer Adam Hobill.

“The idea of renovating became trendy thanks to these shows, but the reality is building or extending a home is one of the biggest investments that most families will make and it can make or break them,” he says.

It’s one of the reasons why Adam, a multi-award winning designer with 20 years of industry experience behind him, decided to write a book addressing the lack of knowledge and confidence homeowners experience when dealing with the building industry.

Nail it! Take control of your building project & save thousands focuses on cost control, developing essential documentation, finding the right builder and being prepared for – and surviving – the stressful construction process.

“The drive for homeowners to improve their homes and lifestyle for their families has never been stronger, yet most people lack the knowledge and confidence to successfully complete their building or renovation project on budget and without the stress,” says Adam.

“I set out with a simple goal; to educate and empower homeowners to give them knowledge and confidence to successfully complete a building project in a way that is cost effective, with less stress and less risk. That goal came from the now obvious realisation that my clients don’t know what I know.

“Beyond designing homes for people, it became very clear that most of my clients also had loads of questions about the broader process of a building project; and they are mostly questions that I get asked again and again.”

Adam Hobill Design - Nail your build Oct2014

Join Adam Hobill for his free interactive webinar.

Adam says there are several common issues homeowners encounter during the course of a building project, including not knowing where to start, “blowing out” their building budget and not maintaining a good relationship with their builder.

“Builders don’t always have the greatest reputations, but at the end of the day it’s a two way street and the homeowner should know how to manage the relationship. This book aims to put the client and the builder on the same footing,” Adam says.

At his launch next Tuesday,  Adam will be signing books and sharing critical tips to avoid the dreaded “budget blowouts”.

Fifty per cent of book sales from the launch will be donated to YouthCare Canberra, who provides valued support services for at-risk youth including those who face homelessness and violence.

Adam says he is already receiving positive feedback on his debut book.

“I’ve had so many people say how helpful and useful it is and that it’s going to be vital in the building process – and that’s exactly what I was hoping to achieve,” Adam says.

Win a copy of Nail It!

To celebrate the launch of his new book, Adam Hobill is giving five lucky HerCanberra readers the chance to win a copy of Nail It! Simply tell us about your DIY project disaster (big or small) below and we’ll pick out the best (or worst) disaster stories. The competition closes Monday 20 October at 5pm. Winners will be notified by email on Tuesday 21 October 2014.

Photos courtesy of Beth Jennings.

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One Response to Nail your next home reno with Canberra local Adam Hobill’s latest book

Coralie Teer says: 20 October, 2014 at 1:35 pm

In trying to spruce up a very large beach cottage to sell with very little budget (as usual!!) I purchased a second hand corner bath to install in a bizarre bathroom come laundry that was also the way to the back garden.

Installation was straightforward and then a chippie friend asked if anyone had tested the joists for the weight of the bath?? mmmm no…

The day before the first open home, what was I to do, plead ignorance and hope a family of 4 children didn’t all get in the bath together?

I zipped my lips but did fess up and be honest with the prospective purchaser when the deal was being done. She wasn’t worried in the least, she only wanted to let her miniature foxy swim in the bath as she doesn’t like the beach and she likes to touch the bottom, so there would never be enough weight to worry about, phew disaster averted!

On a recent visit back to Christchurch, the house may have been a little worse for wear, but that bath is still standing after many an earthquake later!
But I did learn a valuable lesson!

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