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Six easy ways to upcycle your wardrobe

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In a time of uncertainty, everyone likes to retain some form of control.

For some, it’s exercise or a perfect daily routine and for others, it’s the classic wardrobe cull.

It’s normal to have an evolving sense of style and to grow out of clothes but as Australia sits as the second highest consumer of textiles per person in the world, we need to rethink how much clothing we send to landfill. So, we’ve put together six examples of how to upcycle your old clothes and make them look brand new.

Think shorter

Sick of your old blues jeans? Own a skirt that doesn’t sit just right? Take a pair of scissors and shorten them to your heart’s content. Leave the edges raw for an on trend look or use a sewing machine to neaten the hem for a more polished finish. It’s an easy way to breathe life into your old clothes and bring them from ‘bleh’ to on trend.

Make a tote bag

If something is looking a little worse for wear but you still love it, why not turn it into a tote bag? Perfect for when you go grocery shopping, you can carry style with you at all times. You can even create a fun mismatch of old items to show a unique side to your personality.

Use a scarf as a shirt

One of the coolest fashion trends for the summer, instead of buying a bandana top why not make one? Grab an old scarf and start searching online; with heaps of DIY articles on the internet and YouTube with step by step examples, it’s one of the easiest ways to revamp your wardrobe.

Change some buttons

For a small but refreshing change, unpick the old buttons from your item of choice and add new ones. Clash colours for fun, or use some vintage buttons for a unique twist.

Make some scrunchies

Even if sewing isn’t a strong point, scrunchies are super easy to make. Using old fabric from a t-shirt and some elastic, you can create cute matching hair accessories that you can use to spruce up your lockdown look.

Dye it

We dye our hair when we need a change, so why not freshen up your clothes the same way? When ordering online choose a dye that’s a close match to the original colour to make your item look brand new or change up a plain white shirt with a bright new colour.

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