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The Hyatt Hotel is home to the latest floral collection you need to see

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Full of 1920s Art Deco style gowns, it’s no ordinary flower show but thanks to CIT Certificate III Floristry students it’s a showcase blooming with talent.

On display from Tuesday 2 November until Sunday 7 November at the historic Hyatt Hotel, the creative floral gowns have been crafted using natural materials, including flowers, branches, seeds, nuts and bark.

Setting the scene for high teas with the historical and luxe designs, teacher and organiser of the display Narelle Phillips says the exhibition is not just about creating beautiful designs but instead setting the students up for flourishing careers in a growing creative industry.

“Students worked in teams and drew inspiration for their gowns from a variety of landscapes, such as alpine, rainforest, desert and the reef environments. The designs are fresh and innovative, and show how talented our CIT students are.”

“The gown designs show students’ deep appreciation and respect of the natural environment. They share the value of protecting nature and Australia’s unique natural wonders,” says Narelle. 

Inspired by the natural environment, and the style of the 1920s, the gowns highlight the idea of “dreaming again” after COVID-19.

For students Sue Smith and Joelma Silva, their gown pays tribute to their respective families in Queensland and Brazil, who they haven’t seen for some time due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

“Joelma and I have designed a gown with the theme of ‘dreaming ahead’ when we can hug our families again,” said Sue.

“Our families are away from us in Queensland and Brazil, and our gowns are a floral tribute to them using materials from temperate areas and coastal areas where they are from.”

With the added challenge of keeping the gowns looking fresh for the entire eight days of the exhibition, in their design Sue and Joelma used hydrangeas, magnolia leaves, paper daisies, cypress pine as well as a floral mask to acknowledge the impact of COVID-19.

With at least 50% floral materials used in each design, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate spring while supporting innovative, budding Canberra florists. 


What: Floral gowns by CIT Floristry students 

Where: The Hyatt Hotel

When: From Tuesday 2 November until Sunday 7 November.

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