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HisCanberra Roadtest: Jet Flight Simulator

Matt Harvey

It’s every guy’s fantasy – to get behind the controls of a Boeing 737.

If your dad is anything like mine he already has everything. He’s an independent guy that goes out and gets anything he needs. He’s not waiting around for that Magnetic Toolset, Fish-finder or knitted grandad jumper. Did you ever think about giving him an experience instead of a possession?

Jet Flight Simulator Canberra, located in Fyshwick, is the one of a kind experience to give to someone dear (or yourself) this Father’s Day. Which, just quietly, is coming up really fast.

When the curtains are drawn back, you step into a lifelike cockpit, built with 90% similarity to a state-of-the-art Boeing 737.


Upon taking a seat you might find yourself overwhelmed with the plethora of gadgets in front of you, but don’t worry, your co-pilot will help you take-off. They’ll also teach you all the right buttons to push and levers to pull to keep your nose in the air (which is harder than you think!).

One of the coolest things about this experience was being able to ask the First Officer any questions I had about flying or planes in general. They have years of experience in the aviation industry and are encyclopaedias on flight.


Another fun part about taking off is you have over 22,000 airports to choose from along with the time of day, season and weather conditions.

I went out on a limb here and chose somewhere I never thought I’d go: Reykjavik, Iceland, and, of course, I had to go with a winter morning. After tightly manoeuvring the Boeing across the tarmac by using the foot petals I throttled up enough speed to take flight above the picturesque tree line and European architecture.

Some of the more popular destinations to fly out from are Tokyo, Hawaii, Paris, and believe it or not, Canberra. The First Officer told me a lot of their clients regularly flew out of Canberra to Melbourne or Sydney and wanted to see what it would be like from a Captain’s perspective. Why not right?


After cruising around in the skies – depending on the package you choose – you can either zoom back to your original take off point or head to another airport for your landing. This part was definitely the trickiest for me. I panicked, forgot the breaks and slid the plane a few hundred metres past the tarmac in to the ocean. Thank goodness I brought an extra change of clothes.

For the record, don’t fly with me. But if you’re looking to have a fun time up in the skies or want to get on Dad’s good side this Father’s Day, book your flight today!

the essentials

What: Jet Flight Simulator Canberra
Where: Unit 5, 4 Ipswich Street Fyshwick
How much: Father’s Day special prices (50% off) start out at $79 for 30 mins
Book: Online at

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Matt Harvey

Matt is a Canadian born ice-hockey player, who originally found his way to Canberra to play for the CBR Brave. He is a published author and is currently finishing a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. When he’s not writing or playing hockey he enjoys cycling, playing tennis, watching Netflix, and checking out the nightlife in Canberra. On weekends he enjoys his coffee in Kingston and making pancakes with copious amounts of maple syrup. More about the Author