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Tess Parisotto

It seems that I am in a perpetual state of exploring the city and I am always discovering something new.

Admittedly, it’s predominantly café-focused (you should know by now that I’m a self-confessed coffee-nut). You can definitely count on me to point you in the right direction of good food and coffee, which brings me to this: I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to our city’s thriving coffee culture – Drum & Dry, Canberra’s very own coffee subscription service!

Local caffiends Drew Southwell and Steve Croft came together as business partners to create their coffee subscription service which, although isn’t an entirely new concept in the world of coffee, is the first of its kind in Canberra. This is a fantastic time to see it come about because there’s so much good coffee to be had around town and it would be a crying shame to let it go unnoticed!


Drew’s background in graphic design made getting a website off the ground a relatively quick process. A mere three months after committing to the venture, Drew & Steve launched Drum & Dry last week and it’s off to an exciting start. Their main focus is to use the subscription service to spotlight some of Canberra’s best coffee roasters, ranging from little-known roasters who are just starting out to others who may already be popular and established.

“We want to back the little guy – the underdog,” says Drew. Each month Drum&Dry will feature a different roaster and subscribers will have the chance to try their coffee and learn a little bit about the roaster too.

If you subscribe to the service, starting from $24 a month you’ll receive a bag of beans from the featured roaster (250grams, 500grams or 1kg), information about the coffee including flavour profiles, cupping notes, roasting processes and origin of the coffee. You’ll also receive information about the roaster including their background and history and a few other little goodies as well.


It’s totally up to the roaster as to which coffee they want to offer and there’s no set theme or guideline. So one month you could get a single origin espresso roast and the next you might get a filter roast, staying true to the idea that there’s always something new and exciting to experience in Canberra’s coffee scene.

If a monthly care-pack of caffeinated goodness isn’t enough, you can hit up the Drum & Dry website to read about all-things coffee related. There will be coffee reviews, more information about local roasters, how-to videos, guides on coffee making processes, social commentary of coffee culture and more. This online platform allows for coffee enthusiasts to share their thoughts, knowledge and experience with other like-minded caffiends. “It’s all about sharing and collaborating with people,” says Drew. This is something I think that Canberra does particularly well (and something that I harp on about incessantly as you may have noticed…).

The first featured roaster is yet to be revealed, but my money is on new Canberra favourites – Barrio.


The service starts next month and subscriptions will begin to be dispatched from 15 September. There’s no lock in obligation or minimum amount of months you need to subscribe for, so you can opt out of the membership at any time. But how could you pass up the chance to have awesome Canberra coffee delivered right to your door while supporting some fantastic local businesses at the same time? It’s a pretty good arrangement if you ask me. Not only that, but it’s exciting to discover just what kind of coffee Canberra has to offer that might not have already been unearthed by our (currently) crazed and slightly over-caffeinated community.

To find out more or get yourself a subscription head over to the Drum & Dry website, and be sure to jump on the mailing list too for regular updates and posts from the featured coffee writers.


Tess Parisotto

Tess Parisotto is a 21 year old freelance writer and University student currently studying a Bachelor of Writing at the University of Canberra. Born and raised a Canberran, Tess loves her city and being a part of the Canberra community. She has a love for all things local, and is a self-confessed coffee nut, fiercely passionate about coffee and cafe culture in general. Follow @tessparisotto on Instagram for your daily dose of Canberra goodness and other pretty things. More about the Author

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