Lonsdale Street’s latest mouth-watering addition

Amanda Whitley

Bing Bang is the newest addition to Braddon’s eclectic and rapidly growing food scene, bringing street food to Lonsdale Street, in the form of gourmet sausages and corn-dogs from a pop-up food-stand.

The venture was conceived by childhood friends Tom Skeehan and Luke Chiswell, two names well known in design, art and fashion circles in Canberra. The pair have been hard at work, lovingly hand-crafting every element of the food-stand in Skeehan’s boutique studio.

“It’s a food-stand, not a food truck,” says Skeehan, keen ensure that there is no confusion. “We wanted to bring the street hawker culture of New York to Canberra but in uniquely Australian way”.

BING BANG serves gourmet sausages, not hotdogs – another point the pair are keen to highlight. As is their ‘source local’ philosophy. Their beef sausages and vegetarian friendly corn-dogs are custom made by the local Lyneham Butcher. The bread is freshly baked from Fyshwick favourite Flute Bakery, and the condiments come from Lynwood Preserves in Collector.

The food-stand is very much a reflection of the two men behind it.

Skeehan is an award-winning industrial designer and teacher at the University of Canberra. His work has become a feature in many of Canberra’s exciting new order of restaurants, bars and cafes, including Eighty-SixA.BakerLonsdale Street Roasters, Two Before TenHonkeytonksLa De Da Bar and Zierholz Bewery.

Chiswell’s pursuits span both fashion and art. His eponymous clothing label, featured in Frankie Magazine, has established itself as a unique voice in Australian fashion. As has his acclaimed art, which explores print media, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation and exhibited around Canberra, Sydney, New York and London.

Chiswell explains: “We’re simple guys and who want to make honest, fresh and delicious food.”

the essentials

When: Grand opening will be held from 5pm on Friday, 22 November. Open throughout summer, Friday through Sunday from 4pm – 12am.
Where: 23 Lonsdale St., Braddon
Web: bingbangco.com


Amanda Whitley

Amanda Whitley is the founder and director of HerCanberra. In her 'spare time', she instructs zumba, loves to cook (and eat), and wrangles two gorgeous little girls. She's done everything from present the tv news to operate a stop and go sign and is passionate about connecting Canberra women. More about the Author

  • legendlogendco

    street food at pretentious prices!

    • Farmer Joe

      I agree, two “so called” entrepreneurs buying in their ingredients instead of making them and then charging $5 plus for a sausage in a bun….

      RIP, rip offs.

  • Fiona

    I think it’s going to be amazing to have a good quick and delish food option. So often after a few drinks at Knightsies you end up at maccas! Will be great to get a sausage instead!

  • Amanda Whitley

    I agree, Fiona. And where is it written that someone has to make all their ingredients themselves? More power to them for having the initiative to do something a bit different…

  • Monique Meijer

    Wow! Some pretty vicious comments. I appreciate the concept might not be to everyone’s liking but these guys are doing something different and putting themselves out there. They’re also supporting other local businesses by incorporating their products. As far as I can see this dynamic duo deserves a fair crack of the sauce bottle before anyone gets their buns in a bunch.

  • Comments

    You are absolutely right Legendlogendco, how dare these libertarians charge $10 for food. Lets buck the trend of inflation starting with a new business venture. Why occupy Wall Street when we can focus our hatred on the real fat cats in small business, does their greed know no bounds?
    And so succulently put. Price, a simple noun explaining the cost of a good or service can absolutely give an air of undeserved importance or cultural emphasis. No, it’s a credit to society that there are watch dogs such as yourself trolling the internet putting these capitalist swines in their place.

    And Farmer Joe, how right you are. The sheer audacity of these two philistines, starting a food venture with no agricultural background. I was already sickened by the realisation that they played no part in the harvesting of the wheat or the nurturing of the cattle. Upon reading this article I now know that they are neither a qualified baker or butcher which as pushed me to breaking point.
    How dare these opportunists have the nerve to use a supplier in a retail scenario! Has the world gone mad? Next you’ll tell me that they don’t construct all the goods on premise at Bunnings.

    I feel that we know what type of people Legendlogendco and Farmer Joe are. They are the ones demanding that the service station attendants explain to them why the price of petrol is so high and lambasting cafe owners for not growing their own coffee beans.
    I myself had the pleasure of eating a dog at Bing Bangs over the weekend and enjoyed the variation and style Canberra is starting to acquire. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, it’s just a shame that we had to endure these ones.

  • Jonathan Mctavish

    I for one agree with legendlogendco and Farmer Joe,

    Should i feel the urge for swine flesh, I do what any self respecting member of society does and head out to the woods with a sharpened stick and a garbage bag. Once I’ve made my kill and am satisfied both the size and calibre of my prey I take it home and begin work with my sausage press. I recommend the sportsman for both its perfectly shaped production value as well as it’s ease in cleaning (link here for those interested http://www.meatprocessingproducts.com/buf-mhvss.html?utm_source=buf-mhvss&utm_medium=shopping%2Bengine&utm_campaign=googleproducts)

    It will usually works out costing me less than 13 cents per sausage including the costs of my sausage skins as well as the petrol to get to and from the forest and the approximate amount of cleaning supplies rendered in my basement afterwards (if your not using industrial grade bleach you haven’t made sausages in a basement before). Plus I’m able to recoupe even more of my expense by packaging up the left over pigs blood and selling it to party stores as a halloween novelty item. quite frankly the idea of serving sausage in some kind of baked good seems strange to me, I’d much rather put the fresh morsel in mouth and just let it glide down as nature intended!

  • nick burns

    canberra cool okay big guns important stuff

  • Archer

    One does love a few bangers in the mouth every now and then. Such organic and fresh ones served with the right sauce is just what a good night out requires.