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Don’t let a Grinch steal your Christmas

Jessica Conway

Who’s eyeing off those delightfully wrapped presents under your Christmas tree?

It may not just be that pesky partner or your curious kids.

Unfortunately, this most wonderful time of the year is also appealing to would-be robbers.

ACT Policing are reminding us to remain vigilant regarding home safety, and Lucy Hanrahan of Kambah agrees.

“There was repeated knocking at the front door one night,” she recalls. “I was asleep, and by the time I awoke someone was working on the flyscreen to get in.”

“It was terrifying, I yelled out ‘who’s there?’ as my housemate quickly turned on lights. Thankfully, you could hear people scrambling away.”

Explaining she often left windows open at night to let a cool breeze in, Lucy said she just didn’t expect such a brazen attempt – especially at Christmas time.

But ACT Police say this time of year can see more people tempted by sticky fingers.

“With the summer holiday period upon us and a lot of Canberrans going away, it is timely to remind the community to think about their home security,” an ACT Policing spokesperson said.

Police say there are three key points police say are especially relevant at the moment:

1. Lock doors and windows, even when you are at home – unlocked side and rear doors and windows are common entry points for intruders.

2. Trim bushes and trees that obscure windows and could be used as hiding places by intruders.

3. Get to know your neighbours and who is supposed to live there; look out for each other.

Always call 000 in an emergency.


Jessica Conway

Jessica is a logophile. A lover of words. She always has been, childhood friends called her “the human dictionary”. Her passion of reading and writing has never waned, and she is one of the lucky few who makes a living from it. A born and bred Canberran, Jessica worked as a journalist eventually landing in Sydney. Sick of ‘the big smoke’ and eager to return home Jessica now lives in Belconnen, in a Tiny House with her (rescue) dog and cat. Hobbies include collecting square fridge magnets, casual drawing, recreational motorbike riding, haphazard rock climbing, fearless scuba diving, and devouring all things written. More about the Author