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AFL 9s

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AFL 9s is a social, touch-only version of AFL football.

It is played outdoors on a rectangular field and requires the usual AFL skills, minus the tackling. You can kick goals, lay off a quick handball and take a diving mark.

The game is played between two teams of nine with interchange players. Mixed games require a minimum of 3 players of either gender on the field at all times.

The field is divided into 3 zones: forward, midfield and defensive zones. At the start and restart of play, the 9 players on each team must be divided so that 3 players of each team are in each zone of the field. After each start or restart of play there are no restrictions on player movement around the field.

Teams score by kicking the football into their attacking scoring zone to designated forwards who are the only players permitted to score. A mark is awarded irrespective of the distance the ball has travelled and if the ball hits the ground it is an automatic turnover.

Season and times

Spring competition runs from early October – mid-December.

Locations played

  • Dickson Oval (Monday evenings mixed teams)
  • O’Connor Oval (Wednesday evenings mixed teams)
  • Phillip Oval (Tuesday evenings mixed teams; Thursday evenings mixed and women’s teams)

Clubs in Canberra

Find your nearest team at afl9s.com.au.

Level of experience required

Open to players of all skill levels.



Feature image by Doug Dobing via facebook.com/AFL9s/

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