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Shaping the future of women’s health

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What are Australian women’s biggest health concerns?

Jean Hailes are currently running their fourth annual Women’s Health Survey, which provides important insights into the health concerns, fears, and needs of Australian women.

The leading Australian women’s health organisation are dedicated to improving knowledge of women’s health and providing world-class health services.

Results of the anonymous online survey are used in many ways, such as identifying gaps in health information or helping health professionals to better understand their patients.

Last year’s survey pooled the responses of more than 10 000 women aged over 18. It revealed that women are most concerned about menopause, bone health, breast and bowel health, and painful sex. Approximately 40% of us have been professionally diagnosed with depression or anxiety. Nearly half of women reported that on several days they worry excessively about different things, become easily annoyed or distracted, and have trouble sleeping. Approximately 60% of women are not taking part in at least 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity per week.

Health professionals are our most trusted source of health information, and annual GP visits range from one to five sessions. While only a quarter of women underwent a screen for sexually transmitted infections in the last five years, it was pleasing to read that nearly all women can easily attend their doctor or local health service, know where to access local healthcare, and understand information provided to them.

The report is available in full online.

Help complete the puzzle of women’s health

Jean Hailes’ annual women’s health survey is now open. The survey seeks to understand what information women in Australia like, trust, and need in relation to their health.

By giving 10 minutes of your time, you will help to bridge the gaps in current knowledge when it comes to women’s health and create a healthier future for all women.

Participants could also win one of eight signature Confetti Collection tote bags (T&Cs apply).

For women aged 18 years and older, complete the survey online now.

The survey concludes on June 5th, so get in quick to have your say about the health issues that matter to you.

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