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Dance Central Online has extended its free trial period…

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Dance Central has gone online, giving you the chance to truly learn to dance like no one is watching.

Okay, hands up if, like me, you wouldn’t hesitate for a second to rip up the dancefloor to Xtina’s Dirrty—but when it comes to dance lessons, you break out in a cold sweat.

Yep, yep, I see quite a few hands. Well, everyone, I’m happy to tell you that our time has come—our time to shine. To learn to dance like no one is watching because, well, no one will be.

Phillip’s Dance Central has always been an innovator when it came to fitness—they have rebounder fitness classes, after all!—so it’s perhaps unsurprising that they’re one of the first dance studios in Canberra pivoting to offer online classes in the age of COVID-19.

Having launched at the start of April, Dance Central’s online portal offers a wide selection of their classes across dance, fitness and Blueberries (their beloved toddlers dance classes) on an online subscription-based service—DC Online.

“Our goal with DC Fit has always been to encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle through physical exercise and dance,” explains Dance Central Founder Julie Scheer. And this won’t stop because of COVID-19.

In fact, now is the perfect opportunity to try a class that you’ve always wanted to in the comfort of your own home, with no one watching. If it’s not for you, you can simply try another!

Why not use the next few months to get comfortable with the moves so you can attend class in person once group classes are allowed to resume?

DC Fit classes on offer include Bounce (rebounder class), Fit Pop (hip hop), Heels, Ballet, Barre Body and Limbering. Classes require little to no equipment and are delivered via pre-recorded video (meaning you can skip back if you miss a move) or hit pause if the kids come running.

As for trying your very first dance class—or getting back into dance after some time off—DC Online dance classes will include Hip Hop, Heels and Ballet with more to be released!

DC Online is accessible anytime from anywhere, with access available on most devices including iOS devices, Android devices, Macs and PCs. With fresh videos released every Monday, you’ll never run out of classes and you’ll be helping support a local business in the process. Win win!

Want to try before you buy? DC Online is offering a free trial until Sunday 26 April, so we recommend getting in now and trying as many classes as possible. The free trial gives you access to all their collections Including their toddler program Blueberries, dance classes for all youth right up to their elite program for advanced students.

Want some suggestions? The HerCanberra team tried some classes ourselves earlier in the year. Here’s how we went.

HEELS—Bea—HC Online Editor

DC Fit says: Our heels classes focus on improving confidence, building strength, having fun and embracing your ‘Sasha Fierce’. There is only one way to know if this class is for you and that’s to get in there in your favourite pair of high heels and dance with us!

Bea says: You know a class is going to be epic when the first words are: “you don’t need to put your heels on yet—we just need to grab some chairs.”

DC Fit’s Heels class is, as one might expect, done in heels—and is probably best described as ‘music video dancing’. You know, the kind of moves you find yourself wanting to pull after watching Shakira and J.Lo at the Superbowl or a Beyoncé video clip. Well, you get to learn them here—and with added chairs.

When Thea says that time is almost up, I’m shocked. Was that really an hour? I walk out in my heels, head held high.

Sweat factor: 2/5

Coordination required: 4/5

Fun factor: 5/5

Age range of participants: Early twenties to late thirties.

Likelihood of return: To feel like J.Lo? Yes. Absolutely yes.

BARRE BODY—Emma—HC Associate Editor

DC Fit says: Combine Ballet Barre work with Yoga and Pilates conditioning to tone your whole body (think long and lean like a ballet dancer!), while developing balance, strength and flexibility.

Emma says: Barre Body is a little bit ballet and a little bit mosh pit. Very funky music, lots of movement and a few jumpy bits to warm up before moving into more traditional stretches and strength movements using the barre.

Sweat factor: High. Possibly a five out of five, or maybe that was just me. Certainly, the average person is going to sweat far more than a ballerina ever would.

Coordination required: Hell yes, you are going to need to know your left from your right, your up from your down and don’t forget to breathe.

Fun factor: There’s loud music, a fan blasting cold air and mirrors all around. I’ve not had this much fun since I hung out at Studio 54…

Age range of participants: Twenties to late forties

Likelihood of return: Depends if I can get up off my chair after writing this. I am in a world of pain right now, but it feels strangely satisfying.

BALLET (ADULT BEGINNER)—Rosalie – HC Bestie and Feature Writer

DC Fit says: A fun and challenging class that will teach you the basics of ballet from arm and feet positions to coveted ballet moves so you learn to plié, tendu, battement, ronds de jambe, arabesque, pirouette and sauté. Classes focus on technique in an enjoyable way. Each week we build on the previous week to teach you the basics of classical ballet, while combining strength, conditioning, form, flexibility, coordination and rhythm.

Rosalie says: A class that takes dance back to basics, teaching you how to hold your core, lift and lengthen your limbs and build incredible strength. Lots of fancy French words that I can’t remember and plenty of exercises at the ballet bar. I mean, barre.

Sweat Factor: Low. But, make no mistake, this does not mean it wasn’t a workout, because it was. Holding your arms up and your core in for an entire hour starts to really burn. Oh and pliés are elegant squats in disguise. I’ve also been told it gets much harder as the term progresses.

Coordination required: Ballerinas have this innate ability to make the simplest movements look so easy. Turns out they’re big frauds and even trying to point your toe correctly is bloody hard. I like to consider myself a pretty coordinated person but truthfully, my limbs were flailing in all directions. Luckily, I’m a big believer in ‘practice makes perfect’ and I am determined to resurge as a graceful swan.

Fun Factor: High. At first, I was quite uneasy. I’d never done an adult ballet class and I was admittedly anxious about the class dynamic (my perception likely tainted by bitchy dance movies like Centre Stage). But when the class laughed after I made a nervous joke about how I drink frappés, I don’t dance them, I knew I had nothing to worry about. All-in-all, it was so therapeutic. I loved it!

Age range of participants: Twenties to late forties.

Likelihood of return: Let’s get one thing straight, I am NOT a ballerina. My knees buckle, my feet sickle, my butt sticks out, my hips turn in. But at the end of the class, I could have been 10 feet taller. My arms and legs felt so long and lengthened and as I sit writing this, I am noticeably sitting up so much straighter. I’ll definitely be back.

the essentials

What: DC Online—Dance Central’s dance, fitness and kids classes online
When: Free trial until 26 April
Where: dance-central.com.au/dc-online
Cost: Subscriptions from $27 per week

This editorial was created in partnership with Dance Central. For more information on sponsored partnerships, click here

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