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GROUNDUP: Do what you love

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With 2022 just around the corner, finding time to do the things we love has never been so important. 

The good news is if you’ve ever considered joining a Pilates, yoga or barre class (and balked at the price tag), GROUNDUP in Belconnen is currently offering a unique opportunity. 

With plenty of sweat dripping, muscle quaking classes to choose from, until Tuesday 30 November you can sign up to the studio and pay nothing until January 2022, excluding the all important $59 access pass. 

Built on the principle of establishing your own personal practice through their line-up of classes, the GROUNDUP timetable offers a balance between classes designed to strengthen, sculpt and make you sweat (think reformer and mat Pilates, barre and hot yoga) and those designed to help you relax and take a weight off (like mellow yoga).

After emerging back into the world after another lockdown, it’s the perfect opportunity to invest in some self care that’s focused on rest, recovery and mindfulness, as well as cultivating a genuine, meaningful feeling of wellness.

For those looking to step into the light filled studio for the first time and strike a balance  between rest and performance, be sure to expect a remedy to the hustle ‘n’ grind culture and a place where you can chill out, take a weight off and sweat your stress away.

Welcoming fitness lovers to their Belconnen location earlier this year, GROUNDUP also encourages members to augment their exercise routine and add the membership to their pre-existing Club Lime or hiit republic memberships. 

As the studio continues to grow ever more popular, there are also two new locations in the works including a studio scheduled to open in Yarralumla in 2022.

As they prepare to expand their judgment free studio and more Canberrans embrace the GROUNDUP lifestyle, the team is also looking to welcome some fresh faces to service the community. 

Getting ready to launch a recruitment drive to upskill and offer scholarships to fitness lovers, GROUNDUP is calling for keen Ken Behrens who want to learn more about the world of Pilates, yoga and barre and teach it to others. 

Sound like something you’d love? 

Spark some joy, meet the team on your mat and get ready for a killer studio experience without the hefty price tag. 

For more information visit or email the team on

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