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An easy five-minute workout for your weekend

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When do you exercise?

Exercising improves both mental and physical health, and yet it is incredibly easy to stay sedentary in today’s screen-time world.

Now more than ever, conveniences such as remote work, instant food delivery services, and increased screen time can dramatically reduce the time we spend on our feet, leading to far less actual movement.

For that reason, getting up and moving is a critical part of staying healthy.

I’d suggest, exercising at the same time each day, so it becomes a habit. Did you know research suggests exercising in the morning leads to faster habit formation compared with evening exercise? Here’s the research.

However, the best time to exercise is when you’re more likely to do it! Go figure.

For many people, exercise can be the best kind of medicine. Often, getting started is the hardest part—so let’s start with five minutes. Oh, and if you’re interested in the current physical activity guidelines, here’s a recent article.

We already know that it takes more than 8 weeks before a new behaviour becomes automatic. Over the past 5 weeks, we have given you a five-minute workout to adhere to. Today’s article is our last week, then we are moving over to a Pandemic Pilates focus – for those recovering from COVID-19 & needing to regain functional strength and improve energy.

As always, I’m going to make it easy for you. We have purposely only given you three exercises – as it’s achievable, maintainable, time-efficient and realistic.

Here’s this week’s five-minute workout.

Print the PDF here

1) Lunge curtsy
2) Dead Bugs
3) Push up with straight body

We have made your daily workout achievable. That’s the key. I’d love to hear from you (

Do you have any workout requests? Stay active, Canberra.

Love, Rach and Kirra

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If you are injured, have a chronic health condition, or need a plan to improve your health and wellbeing – call us today 6156 2223!


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