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Just Start: Tweaking your lifestyle habits for 2022 (and beyond)

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Has your active lifestyle changed much in the past two years?

1 in 5 Australians have reported difficulties maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic.

Together, we have adhered to nearly two years of Workplace Workouts, HerWorkouts and Pandemic Pilates. Wow. At HerCanberra, our goal is supporting you to stay active in your comfy lounge room, so Pandemic Pilates will be the focus this month—especially with so many Canberrans currently isolating.

According to current data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians are finding it more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to COVID. The  report indicated:

Lifestyle habits: 14% believed they’re consuming higher levels of alcohol.

Nutrition: 22% reported eating more snack foods like chips, lollies and biscuits.

Devices: 58% reported higher rates of screen time.

These statistics are from last year, so imagine the numbers now. It’s quite frightening.

Where do you start when the new lifestyle habits have been engrained for years? The big question is: do you want to change? Experts say it takes between 21 and 90 days to change a habit, depending on the person’s motivation and lifestyle circumstances.

21 days to change a habit.

90 days to make it a lifestyle change.

The current pandemic is in full swing—and it’s not going anywhere (for now). I think it’s important to start thinking…”Do YOU need to tweak your lifestyle”? All you need is a little shift in thinking, nothing drastic. A little tweak.

Here’s for tips to implement lifestyle tweaks (or change):

1) Just start

Sounds too simple, right?  Simple—and true. Make one tweak a day. What is it you want to change? Eating habits? Drinking habits? Movement habits?

Moving regularly throughout the day helps your mental and physical health. How can you help your future self today?

Over the next few months, I’ll be releasing a regular HerWorkout routine on HerCanberra’s IGTV, and giving you Pandemic Pilates workouts. Short, sharp and achievable (only three exercises!) these are mini workouts.

Here is this weeks’ Pandemic Pilates Workout, with a core focus:

1) Resisted bird dog

2) Side plank

3) Bicycle- supine

You can print the PDF here and watch the two-minute IGTV teaser clip on our Instagram later today.

2) Have a short term plan

Plan for the week ahead—don’t get too caught up in a long-term goal right now. Here’s your weekly planner (click here).

You’re welcome to email me your plan, I’m happy to keep you accountable! kirra@capitalhydrotherapy.com.au.

3) Think differently

If you’re concerned about exercising indoors, do a home exercise circuit with the family (or check the ventilation at your favourite indoor workout place).

Think outside the box. Grab those cans of food, grab the dusty dumbbells, pump up the swiss ball, grab the resistance band, pot plants, or anything that you can move to repetition.

4) Share it

Keep yourself accountable. Share your movement goals with your partner, friend or housemate.

Hearing yourself say your plan out loud means it’s more likely to actually happen!

A little change goes a long way. How can you make a little change to your lifestyle this week?

Love, Kirra

Did you know Capital Hydrotherapy and Exercise Physiology is an essential service?

We are open for telehealth consultations, one-on-one Hydrotherapy, face-to-face land-based Exercise Physiology, small group therapy, with strict COVID-safe precautions. Our ventilation is state of the art, and we have an industrial-grade air exchange system designed to pull humidity from pool deck.

If you are injured, have a chronic health condition, or need a plan to improve your health and wellbeing—call us today 6156 2223!


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