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Sex Ed for parents comes to The Polish Club

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It’s never been more important for teenagers to be properly educated in the world of sex.

But with a plethora of information and misinformation on the internet combined with the availability of pornography, being misinformed is easy and talking to your children about these topics in a meaningful way can be tough work.

To tackle these issues, a group of local parents have decided to put on an event this Thursday night at the Polish Club in O’Connor, all about sex.

Sex Ed at the Polo is a chance for parents and careers of teens and pre-teens to equip themselves with the tools to start conversations about positive sexuality, consent and respectful relationships.

Local parent and co-organiser Jeff Thompson explains that the event came about as an opportunity to help teach parents better communicate with their children about important issues.

“It’s not just up to the schools to teach this stuff,” he says. “It’s up to us to raise boys that are emotionally capable and respectful and raise girls who know that they deserve better.”

“Research shows middle-class parents often assume schools are teaching their teen sex education that includes values such as respectful relationship and positive sexuality, however, school sex ed is often very basic and physical or medical and relies on the skill of the teacher who may not be a passionate sex educator.”

The point of the night will be talking, however, that’s not all that will be happening. To keep things light, Jeff and his team have assembled local experts, comedians and musical talent to keep you entertained, and are holding it at the Polish Club to “make sure there’s the option of some beer”.

The catalyst for Sex Ed at the Polo came from the organisers all having experiences with their own children that worried them.

“When I began talking to my daughter I was shocked,” a parent and co-organiser explains. “It seems girls these days expect to be assaulted at parties and sex was all about the boys getting off. As a feminist mother I wondered why things hadn’t changed for girls – and what had I done to prepare her for this kind of world?”

The event has been created to tackle problems like these, with topics on the table ranging from healthy sexuality and adolescence to consent, within a parent and carer only space.

Organised to be like Politics at the Pub, but the Sex Ed edition, Jeff explains that it “will be a lively conversation with workshops and small discussions – not a lecture or anything. Plus you can have a Polish Beer.”

The nights MC is comedian Chris Endrey and the line up will also feature comedian Codie Bell. Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT, the YWCA and mental health and LGBTIQ advocates will also be present to help guide you through all the information and provide advice. Local musicians Pete Lyon and Bec Taylor will also be providing tunes for the event.

Remember, this event is not for bringing your kids to, but as Jeff says, “Our teenagers need their parents to step up to the plate and get better at this stuff. Particularly dads out there – this is for you too!”

Tickets are $10pp and available online.

the essentials

What: Sex Ed at The Polo
When: Thursday 26 October from 7-9pm
Where: The Polish Club, Turner
Who is it for: Parents and carers of teens and pre-teens, not teenagers themselves
Find more information: Via Facebook 

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