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Her Workout: Little Habits

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Decide. Write. Schedule. Do. REPEAT

It’s time to start implementing little healthy habits throughout the day.

Little, as in simple.
Little, as in easy.
Little, as in time-efficient.

I’m going to make it easy for you. I have even created The Little Habits Planner for just you!

I often see the word “routine” thrown around. Don’t get me wrong, I have many routines, however when it comes to my long-term health—I use the word “habits”.

The word “routine” makes you feel like it’s something you have to externally do, whereas a “habit” makes it feel more intrinsic, natural and built into our lives without force.

If you want to successfully start implementing habits (or routines if you’d rather use that word!) then you need to:

1) Decide WHAT you want exactly
2) Write it down
3) Schedule when it’s going to happen
4) Follow-through (Do)
5) Work on it. Everyday.

The Little Habits planner has four daily habits which you can choose to commit to:

1) Morning Habit
2) Daily Self-Care Habit
3) Movement Habit
4) Evening Habit

Make sure the habit is achievable daily. That’s the key.

Choose one habit for each category

Here’s mine, and I’d love you to share yours with me at kirra@capitalhydrotherapy.com.au

1) Morning Habit: staying calm and at ease in a cold-hot-cold-hot shower
2) Daily Self-Care habit: meditation 5-15mins daily when the baby sleeps.
3) Movement Habit: 30min sweat session.
4) Evening Habit: No food/drink after 6 pm (unless I’m out with friends for dinner, of course!).

Speaking of habits—every week for the past 15 weeks, I’ve been encouraging you to add a HerWorkout circuit to your week.

Here’s this week’s edition.

Her Little Habits Workout

1) Pilates Cobra
2) Bird Dog
3) Scooter
4) Arabesque
5) Plank to Push up

You can print the PDF here, and a 2-minute demonstration clip will be available on HerCanberra’s IGTV later today.

If you need inspiration for more simple, repeatable movement programs, subscribe to the Capital Hydrotherapy YouTube channel (a new workout is released each fortnight).

Let’s keep this simple:


Ps—The Little Habits: Part 2 involves an at-home DIY retreat. You have two weeks to think about how you’re going create some little habits into your week—then we’ll do this together!

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