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Take a seat: Transforming your intimate wellbeing with a chair

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I love writing for HerCanberra—sharing my thoughts with you all, mostly about healthy public policy and Canberra’s Queer community.

However, this article is quite different. It’s about something I never thought I would write about: intimate wellbeing.

Like all living things, we are inherently sexual beings. Our sexuality is rooted in how we understand and define ourselves, how we perceive others, and how we see the world. Sexuality is a multi-dimensional, complex mix of physiological, interpersonal, cultural, emotional, and psychological factors.

It’s important for us to reflect on all of these aspects, as the relationship we have with our sexuality reflects our sexual self-esteem. How our bodies work—not just our emotions or brain—is an important part of our self-esteem.

After two children, years of abusing my body and now menopause, I have been suffering from urinary leakage and decreased sexual drive and (yes, I’ll admit it to you) orgasm dysfunction.

So, it’s time to embrace the situation and address my sexual self-esteem. Sexual self-esteem affects every sexual choice we make—who we choose to have sex with and when, whether we limit ourselves sexually and how, and whether we choose to use protection or not.

I talked to some friends (and surprise surprise) many of my friends with uteruses are experiencing the same thing. Some with urinary leakage, and others the reduced benefits of orgasm. Well if you, like us, are experiencing any of these issues then I have the answer for you—the EMSELLA Chair.

The what now? The EMSELLA Chair. It is marketed as a chair that uses high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to cause deep pelvic floor muscles stimulation and restoration of the neuromuscular control. You sit on the chair fully clothed, relax and enjoy the therapy—it is not painful and feels somewhat pleasant if not a little interesting/exciting.

It feels like doing a pelvic floor workout without the effort—and you know what—I noticed a difference straight away. The idea is that the magnetic stimulation can make the muscles contract and eventually increase in bulk.

The reality is, I suspect all people over 40 with a uterus are hiding in the wings, desperately awaiting a treatment like this. I’ve had a course of six and I can confirm a significant impact on my intimate wellbeing—good news!

If you are looking for a way to build your sexual self-esteem, and/or address your physical health in a way that will positively impact your Intimate wellbeing, I highly recommend giving the EMSELLA Chair a go.


  • The treatment is completely non-invasive.
  • The patient does not need to take off their clothes.
  • The treatment does not hurt, in fact, it feels somewhat pleasant.
  • Most people need to have been six and 10 sessions of 30 minutes each to notice a difference.
  • The cost of sessions depends on where you go. You could pay anywhere from $200 to $500 per treatment in Australia.
  • Currently, there is only one provider in Canberra at the Wattle Street Medical Practice in O’Connor.


HerCanberra readers can access a 30% discount on EMSELLA Chair sessions at Wattle Street Medical Practice until the end of 2020.


What: EMSELLA Chair at Wattle Street Medical Practice
Address: 83 Wattle Street, O’Connor (opposite Lyneham Shops)
Phones: (02) 6247 4807 or (02) 6248 5446
Website: wattlestreetgp.com.au

The author does not receive their treatments free of charge and their opinions remain their own.

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