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Want better habits? It’s time to get planning

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We’re surrounded by change. So much change.

Every week is unknown. So much unknown.

Every decisions’ outcome is pending.



We’re all slightly unsettled.

The one thing we can manage to control, however, is our morning ritual. Our morning habits. Do you have a routine yet?

My recent HerCanberra columns have been about setting your day up with little healthy habits, and a morning routine is essential to start a productive day.

Here’s a Little Morning Habits Planner, just for you! You can fill in your motivation for a morning routine, and fill in the gaps with which morning rituals you’ll start implementing.

Print it here.

The trick is to choose a morning habit that is an instant “feel good” and is time-efficient, realistic and repeatable.

If you’re stuck, here are some time-efficient, realistic and repeatable suggestions that instantly make you feel alive and ready to rock the day, how about one of these?

– Mindful warm coffee/tea (thinking about HOW it makes you feel)

– Two minutes of conscious breathwork—maybe breathe in for four seconds, and breathe out for five seconds

– Two minutes cold/hot/cold shower (maybe work up to two minutes—and start with 20 secs!). Save the water in a bucket, and put it in the veggie garden!

– 20-minute silent walk

– Phone free for the first hour of the day

– No social media until lunch

– Gratitude journal for five minutes

– Writing down three priorities for the day

– At-home core circuit to relaxing music (the workout is below to make it easy for you!)

– Yoga and group fitness class (SOULution Yoga has been my go-to lately!)

– 30 minutes of Hydrolates or a Hydrotherapy session

And to help you along the way…

Here’s a simple HerWorkout focusing on the core—you’re welcome to add it to your morning ritual: it’s simple, effective and has all the feels!

1) Knee Hovers

2) Side plank on Knees

3) Tabletop lower-limb cycling

4) Pilates spine twist

5) Lumbar Extensions

You can print the PDF here, and IGTV clip is dropping into Instagram later today.

If you’re fit and healthy I’d recommend doing the five exercises 10-12 repetitions, and three sets.

If your fitness needs nurturing, try for six repetitions, and two sets. Three days a week, depending on how much time you have to start your day.

How are you going to change your morning madness?

Let’s start managing and planning our morning ritual—tomorrow.

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