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Are you the ultimate Canberran?

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You wear a lanyard on the daily and you’re starting to get used to the new ‘chevrons’ on the Parkway—but are you THE ULTIMATE Canberran?

Canberra real estate and property experts Hayman Partners have put together the ultimate quiz—can you beat our team’s top score of 8?

Give yourself a point for each of the following:

1. You’ve been on a GoBoat

Sales agents Rick and Tina Meir are the ‘Kings of the World’.

The largely uncharted waters of Lake Burley Griffin became a sailor’s paradise in late 2017 with the official launch of the GoBoat fleet. Since then, hundreds of Canberrans and their bottles of Veuve have set sail from Kingston Wharf, headed for the Captain James Cook Memorial Fountain and beyond.

If you’ve packed an outrageously lavish picnic and set sail on a GoBoat, give yourself a point. If you’ve done a Titanic impression onboard, add another point. 

2. You’ve had a Friday night espresso martini at Bar Rochford

Lauren McDonald considers following up her cocktail with a dance at 88mph.

There’s nothing more Canberra than the gorgeous arches of the Sydney and Melbourne buildings. Maybe that’s why sipping on a beverage or dining at Bar Rochford, one of Good Food Australia’s all-time favourite venues, just feels like home.

One point if you’d had a martini in view of those stunning arches. 

3. You’ve had a Yarralumla kebab (extra point for extra beef)

Sales agent Tom Beinke is definitely an ‘extra beef’ guy.

It’s no secret the Yarra kebab’s the best Turkish feed going, but beyond extending to a new premises in Belconnen. it seems our little Novar Street eatery has gone GLOBAL. Busloads of tourists from as far as Japan and Africa are rolling up to Yarralumla Halal Pide House every week for the ultimate kebab experience.

If you’ve ever ‘designed your own’ kebab on one of the Doner Kebab packets–and experienced the first bite of a super meaty Yarra kebab–give yourself a point. If you had one circa 2005 (before they’d truly reached global icon status) take an extra point.

4. You’ve done business in a cafe in Manuka

Nigel Wilson doing what he does best, latte in hand.

It’s not all real estate agents and mums with prams you know (okay, mostly it is). With its plethora of great cafes– think Urban Pantry, Ona, 1or2 and L’Orange–Manuka is fertile ground for new business meetings, pitches and doing deals—in person or over the phone.

If you’ve shared coffee with a potential new client in Manuka give yourself a point. If you’ve negotiated a deal on the phone while putting in your order for a flat white, take two points. 

5. You’ve used the ‘bridge-to-bridge walk’ as the location of a date

Hayman Partners director Rowan Glanville on his fave Canberra walk.

What’s the length of an ideal first date? About 45 minutes? Then look no further than Canberra’s idyllic 5km ‘bridge-to-bridge’ walk. An excellent way to chat, catch some Vitamin D and admire the giant rats swimming casually through the waters of Lake Burley Griffin. So romantic.

If you’re getting along well, coffee in Kingston afterward is a great next step. And if not, hop in your cars and head home to suburbia. At least you’ve raised your step count for the day.

Had a date on the bridge-to-bridge walk? Well played. Give yourself a point. 

6. You’ve done the pre-barbecue beverage run to Jim Murphy’s Market Cellars

Can you tell Hayman Partners director Brett Hayman is originally a Victorian?

Ah, Friday afternoon in Canberra. We loosen our ties, rip off the lanyards, kick off the heels and then make a dash to the local for our beverage of choice.

True Canberrans are excellent hosts, even in the deep dark depths of winter (fairy lights and outdoor gas heaters FTW). We’re great at hosting each other—Which department’s the best dressed? Has anyone had a burger from that new burger joint in Bible Lane?—and even better at hosting interstate guests—here’s EXACTLY why Canberra doesn’t suck.

So if you’ve prepped for a big night out at Jim Murphy’s, this point’s for you. 

7. You voted ‘yes’

Sales agent Martin Faux with our glorious roundabout.

It was the day Braddon literally erupted—in tears, laughter, relief and intense love. The announcement that Australia had voted a resounding ‘yes’ for same-sex marriage saw thousands of Canberrans converge on Lonsdale Street for the ultimate rainbow celebration.

And when the final results of the postal survey were released, there we were, leading the charge. About 74 per cent of Canberrans voted in favour of same-sex marriage, compared to a national average of 61.6 per cent. If you ticked the ‘yes’ box, give yourself a point.

8. You’ve kept the Happy’s Chinese tradition alive

Business development manager Emily Kelly takes on two of the Chef’s Specials at Happy’s.

In 1963, ‘Mr Happy’ opened the doors to Canberra’s first Chinese restaurant. More than 50 years later, the restaurant is still serving traditional Cantonese cuisine from the restaurant downstairs in Garema Place.

Mr Happy’s grandson, Gavin, who now owns the restaurant, tells us stuffed bean curd topped with seafood and spicy hot chilli eggplant with shredded pork are Canberra’s favourite dishes.

If you’re a Happy’s regular, give yourself a point.

9. You have a favourite park

Hayman Partners directors Sue and Shane Killalea have a soft spot for a certain park in Barton.

Telopea, Glebe, Weston, Commonwealth, Corroboree or Boundless? We’re spoilt for choice. Give yourself a point for your favourite park. 

You regularly visit our national institutions

Sales agent Brian McPherson visits one of our national treasures.

We’re truly the luckiest city in Australia when it comes to phenomenal exhibitions of art, portraiture and literature. Not to mention historic collections from across the globe. So if you haven’t visited one of our stunning national institutions this year, minus a point RIGHT NOW. If you have—great stuff. Give yourself a point.



You. my friend, are more Canberran than Telstra Tower, the Belconnen owl and a large Kingsley’s chips and gravy combined. You win.


You’re a fiercely proud Canberran but you’re only living the joys of the capital at about 50 per cent. Come on! Design a day out that includes a GoBoat, a Yarra kebab and the National Gallery. Pure joy.


Have you considered a move to Queanbeyan?

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