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Art vs Science: Interdisciplinary collaboration comes to aMBUSH Gallery

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Located in the epicentre of ANU’s new Kambri precinct, aMBUSH Gallery’s newest exhibition showcases a visually stunning interdisciplinary collaboration between students and academics.

New exhibition Insight Out is pushing the boundaries of communication through the medium of art, demonstrating the benefits of interdisciplinary teamwork across diverse fields of study.

Combining The Australian National University’s globally renowned academic research with the creativity of students from the ANU School of Art and Design, Inside Out paired artists and researchers together to create visual interpretations of new research.

Research topics include memory and truth, heritage rock art, the regulation and governance of food policies, the mechanics of the human knee, blockchain, stillbirth, solar cells, archaeology, global health and infectious diseases, to name a few.

Bill Dimas, co-founder of aMBUSH Gallery was thrilled to display world-class ANU research and artistic talent in aMBUSH’s versatile space.

“This project provides students with professional experience, supports them by ensuring they’re paid NAVA (National Visual Arts Association)-approved rates, and also demonstrates the power of collaboration within the ANU community and beyond.”

Each pair worked to visually represent the academic’s research and interests, considering ways in which the most vital elements of the information could be conveyed to the general public.

The artists were then given stylistic freedom, traversing a range of disciplines, including painting, illustration, photography, and digital art.

Produced by Australian photographer Samantha Thomas and psychology researcher Dr. Eryn Newman, ‘Our Internal Truths: The Enduring Lie’ examines how we decipher between truth and falseness.

It focuses on debunking false claims within our memory and cognition and how we use feelings instead of facts to decide on what we believe to be real.

Our Internal Truths: The Enduring Lie by Samantha Thomas.

‘Dealer’s Choice’ by emerging artist Jody Thompson was created in response to Dr. Yandisa Ngqangashe’s research into the regulation and governance of food policies and how implementing structural changes can make it easier for people to eat healthily.

Dealer’s Choice by Jody Thompson.

Finally, ‘Human Touch’ was created by Taiwanese artist Chin-Jie Melodie Liu, highlighting how change starts in our own communities and informed by the research of Dr. Jeremy Smith, who has a unique approach to his work as a Humanitarian Engineer.

Human Touch by Chin-Jie Melodie Liu.

Discover many more collaborative artworks at aMBUSH until 7 May.


What: Inside Out
When: Until 7 May 2021
Where: Kambri Cultural Centre, Acton
Pre-register via Eventbrite


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