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Canberra’s Kirrah Amosa on her roles in HAMILTON and “running out of time”

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We’ve written extensively on the Canberra vocal powerhouse that is Kirrah Amosa.

But did you know she’s now playing a massive role in the current production of HAMILTON in Sydney?

Not only has she been taking to the stage in iconic roles like Eliza Hamilton and Angelica Schuyler in the much-lauded Australian production but it was announced today that HAMILTON will be coming to Melbourne from 16 March 2022.

We chatted to Kirrah about the thrilling challenges of Hamilton, why everyone needs to watch it and what other projects she’s been working on.

Our HerCanberra readers are familiar with your talent and success but can you introduce yourself briefly to our new readers and your role(s) in Hamilton?

I’m an Australian-Samoan R&B recording artist and proud Canberran, and currently the female standby for the three lead female roles in the Australian company of Hamilton—someone pinch me!

This means at any point I’m required to perform the roles of Eliza Hamilton, Angelica Schuyler, or Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds.

Congratulations on your performance in Hamilton (I saw the show two weeks ago, I was captivated and you were wonderful).

What are the main rewards and main challenges of working in such a high-profile and demanding production? Is it also an opportunity to learn from your fellow performers?

This show is such a rollercoaster, whether you’re enjoying it from the audience or telling the story from the stage.

If you’ve seen the show or even heard one of the numbers on Spotify, you’ll know this show is a humongous team effort—no role is unimportant, on or offstage—so it’s impossible not to depend on my Hamilton family throughout this process. It’s bonded us like nothing else could, we are all immensely grateful for it.

I’m proud of what my body and brain has been through in such a short time, being able to retain three lead characters and cope with the pressure of my role within the company—having to go on mid-show for two different roles two weekends in a row was both tremendously challenging and exhilarating but I’m so supported here so it was a dream. Although with the adrenaline finally subsided and fatigue knocking at my door, I am ready to sleep until September!

In what ways do you personally connect with the production?

Anyone that spends time with me knows I’m always working like I’m “running out of time” (my one day off a week is usually spent travelling between Sydney and Canberra to shoot a new music video, zooming with producers and mentors to get my new projects off the ground, writing and recording new material and collaborations, and creating new content for my social media), and it can often get me into trouble so I connect pretty strongly with Alexander Hamilton through the hustle and grind of always wanting to achieve more.

I love the crucial sense of community required to pull off a show like this—likewise, this whole process would be impossible without the support of my cast members and Hamilton family, my family, my partner, and my city. I feel and need it every day!

I’ve been telling friends and colleagues they cannot afford to miss out on Hamilton as an amazing cultural experience. What would you like audiences to take away from the experience of seeing Hamilton?

Obviously, this is an incredibly enjoyable way to learn some real American history but there is so much more going on here than what audiences see.

The endless dedication of everyone and offstage member to bring this story to life every night is relentless, but we couldn’t be luckier to be trusted to deliver this narrative, particularly on the back of the pandemic.

I’ve also never seen a show like this—the music is exceptional, the movement is unbelievable, the costumes are exquisite, and for now we are the only Hamilton company performing in the world.

Our theatres are sold out for a reason, once you see the show you’ll know why!

What other projects are you working on?

Amid performing two roles and learning my final role in the biggest stage production in the world right now, I’m ecstatic to announce my first music release in June!

My team and I have been sacrificing sleep and sanity cultivating a vast catalogue of new content that I’m really proud of.

With this new wind under my wings, I’m feeling supported enough to really let people into the reality of the ups and downs of life in my shoes starting with my first release of 2021.

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