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Pony Up for Pegasus: Ned and Josh raise funds for life-changing moments

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HIT104.7’s Ned and Josh are asking Canberra to Pony Up for Pegasus to help support the vital work of Pegasus Riding for the Disabled.

Families caring for loved ones with complex needs know that one special moment can change everything.

HIT104.7’s Josh Torney describes the moment he saw this first-hand at Pegasus Riding for the Disabled, a hidden gem in Holt that has provided horse-facilitated activities for people living with a disability since 1973.

Josh and co-host Ned Breward had travelled out to Pegasus’ 100-acre specialist facility to meet with their dedicated team who, like many charities, are feeling the pinch of COVID-19.

“The HIT network has done work with Pegasus previously but said we wouldn’t fully understand until we had seen their work for ourselves,” says Josh. “Seeing the kids interact with the horses and the confidence that it builds in them—we knew we had to do something to help out. You get goosebumps seeing how much the kids get out of it.”

“There was a small kid who was too shy to come out from behind his parent’s legs and see the horse. But as soon as they coaxed him out and he pet the horse, the confidence boost was immediate. He didn’t even run back to his parents—he strutted.”

“It’s so much more than just kids interacting with animals,” adds Ned. “This is about communication, confidence and developing as people.”

Pegasus Riding for the Disabled’s offerings range from mounted activities, including educational capacity-building obstacle courses, to unmounted activities that improve confidence and coordination, and Hippotherapy, which translates literally to ‘treatment with the horse’.

Josh says Pegasus’ passionate team are always looking for new ways to enrich their clients’ experience, with the only barrier being the funds available to them.

“The creativity and the drive aren’t the limitation for Pegasus, it’s the money.”

With a target of raising $20,000 for Pegasus’ vital work before this Friday 14 May, Pony Up For Pegasus is asking Canberra businesses to put their hands in their pockets to the tune of $1000—in return for which they’ll receive a grateful shout out from Ned and Josh on-air.

The duo says they have high hopes for the campaign with our local community’s glowing track record of supporting those in need.

“Canberra is so generous when it comes to these causes,” says Josh. “The Canberra community digs deep every time.”

To finish off the campaign and celebrate funds raised, Ned and Josh will broadcast a very special breakfast show live from Pegasus this Friday 14 May and have a few surprises up their sleeves—though they wouldn’t necessarily call themselves elite equestrians.

“My only experience on a horse is almost falling off one,” laughs Josh. “I didn’t listen to the instructions and pulled the reins the wrong way. I ended up clutching onto the side of the horse.”

Meanwhile, Ned has never ridden a horse himself, but says he has a wealth of experience from watching ABC’s The Saddle Club as a kid. Don’t we all, Ned. Don’t we all.

Perhaps this Friday will give Ned the chance to finally get in the saddle—and Josh to give listening to instructions a second chance…

You can donate to Pony Up For Pegasus at hit.com.au/canberra/win/pony-up-for-pegasus-170377


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