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Concerned about car safety? Canberra families are urgently needed to save lives

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In 2021, 11 families in the ACT received the heartbreaking news a loved one had passed away in a car accident.

Caused by a myriad of complex factors including human error, negligence, risky behavior, and unsafe conditions, some might see road fatalities as unavoidable.

But one Canberra company, Seeing Machines Limited, has been dramatically reducing transport-related accidents by mitigating some of the key risks involved—and now they need your help.

Seeing Machines’ technology is used by car manufacturers around the world and as part of its continued development of safety features, they’re calling on local families in Canberra to help train the software.

Seeking families with at least one child who occupies a capsule, car seat, or booster seat, the volunteers will use their own cars to help refine a feature that identifies who is in a car at any given time. Called ‘Seat Occupancy Detection’, this feature detects whether a seat is occupied or empty as well as identifying it as a human or an object.

According to Seeing Machines CEO Paul McGlone, the ability to understand if a human is present is key safety data that can automatically enable other safety features like seat belt detection and whether an airbag should be activated.

“Seeing Machines’ DMS technology is vital to improving safety for vehicle occupants and determining the status of the driver and passenger seats,” he explains.

“If a seat is occupied, this feature can identify the difference between a human or an object, and by knowing who or what is in the car, can work automatically with other technology in the vehicle to activate safely and appropriately.”

“In addition, identifying the size of a passenger will enable the car’s technology to ensure that airbags are only activated if safe to do so.”

All you have to do is bring your family to the Seeing Machines headquarters to participate in a COVID-safe one-hour session and in exchange for your time, all participating families will receive a $200 shopping voucher that can be used at a wide range of retail outlets.

A range of daily timeslots are available and can be changed to suit volunteers.

For anyone interested in attending, email for more information.

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