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Five ways to shake up virtual hangouts in lockdown

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We know the constant cycle of “Can you hear me?” and “You’re on mute!” that surround our online hangouts at the moment make it a little less seamless to stay connected with loved ones.

We also know the weekly FaceTime catch-ups can start to get a bit repetitive, so we’ve put together a list of ways to shake up your virtual hangouts and do something a little different to get you through another four weeks.

Virtual Trivia

Virtual trivia is a great option if you’ve got lots of people on a call.

Put together your own questions, choose a quizmaster and get them to screen share over Zoom or if you’re feeling like a professional experience, choose one of the five categories available on Amazing Co (quizmaster included!) and host a Trivia Night.


If you want to take your virtual hangouts to the next level, Kumospace is for you!

By creating your own virtual space, you can roam around chat-room style and have smaller conversations within the room (without talking over each other and hearing nothing!), play interactive games and more.

The free version allows you to have up to 30 people in a room so start customising your space today and have it ready to go on the weekend!

Murder Mystery Party

Another virtual hangout solution offered by Amazing Co is the Murder Mystery Party. Yes, you read that right.

Available for 6-12 people, you select your myster—’Wedding Rings and Deadly Things’ or ‘Westcott Manor’—and work together to expose the killer before they strike again!

Watch Party

If you don’t mind a bit of chatter while watching a movie, why not set up a watch party on Disney+?

Choose your favourite Disney film (surely it’s Moana… or Hamilton if you have three hours to kill), set a time, grab the snacks and sit back and relax while you watch a movie virtually with friends.

Snap Filter Zoom Call

Make your Zoom calls more entertaining by downloading the Snap Camera and having a laugh!

This has been a personal favourite for our Friday afternoon team catch-ups to lighten the mood.

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